Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Unexpected L.O.V.E:)

Yoohoo...greetings from Angie!

Just a short update for my current status!

Eugene has gone back to Malaysia last Saturday. His trip without trying the FAMOUS dim sum in Manchester is sure not C.O.M.P.L.E.T.E! And so, the very Friday before his departure, we went to have dim sum! Hope he likes it. As for the us, the Mancunians, we're kinda 'jelak' dy lar...everytime we have visitors, we sure have to makan once. Too much of dim sum, making us too FAT as well..Ly did some research online and found out that dim sum actually is very HIGH in calories..'shoot me now!'--BANG!

Us:) Steph had dim sum 2 days back to back coz her fren came down from Aberdeen the day b4!

And that very night, after my dinner in the hall, i joined the trios as they went for a burger hunt at this well-known burger shop called Gourmet Burger Kitchen, in short GBK! Their burgers are HUGE and YUM YUM YUM! The beef are all Aberdeen-Angus beef! Erm, some sort of good quality beef i guess..must be nicEe..Though i never try..coz i've got my dinner and am not really a big fan of burger:P

Lily & Gene with their burgerS! *sweet*

Thumbs Up!! Yay..

Our last pic! Come again k, Eugene! countdown for your next arrival...

Over the weekend, we, the trio decided to cook dinner for ourselves. Save some money and eat some healthy home cooked meals. Steph was our main chef!We had chicken, potatoes, carrot, mushroom curry on Saturday!

And Tomyam soup noodle on Sun night:) Simple, yet fulfilling..:)

New semester started yesterday. Am currently attached to a vascular surgery department, which is very specialised. Most probably, we're gonna see loads of aneurysms, gangrenous foot, artery bypasses and varicose veins. In short, loads of vascular problems. Gonna be challenging, hopefully will be a good 7 weeks here!

After dinner today, as usual we went to check our postbox and to my surprised, there was a parcel waiting for me to collect. Hmm, i didnt order anything, and the book 'Purpose Driven Life' which i bought earlier has arrived.(Guess wat, i bought this book from Amazon for 0.01 pound only! Good deal yea, the seller sure is selling this book to bless others!) Oh, back to the parcel, yea..wondering wat parcel i've got....Once i saw the handwriting on the parcel, straight away i knew it's my younger bro! A surprise early birthday gift all the way from US!Yup, a G.A.P shirt. Thanks Gygy!

not to forget to thank you my dear for the postcard u sent from Seattle! And the lovely '蔡进炮' msg u wrote. It's so FUNNY larrr..miss you LOADS! Big Hugs!!

wasSup doc: 'Be completely humble and gentle; be patient, bearing with one another in love.' Ephesians 4:2

This is the verse of my week. God has spoken.

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*jeSSicA* said...

haha, i think u should count the number of times u eat dim sum (is it at the same restaurant???) at manchester, then if next time i go there it'll be the n-th time already =P

ur bro so sweet =)