Tuesday, March 10, 2009

am aLIVE!

hello hello HELLO my dearest:)
Sorry for the lacking od updates, kinda busy with my new firm, but i'm liking it, because we have very organised timetables, with loads of clinics, surgery and ward rounds. It's good, vascular surgery department has been good:) I was attached to this top notch anesthetist last Wed, and finally did my very first IV cannulation on real patient, though the blood was oozing out like mad when i inserted the cannulation, and the Dr jokingly said i made a mess out of it, i was still kinda happy, coz..he didnt mind giving me the chance to perform such procedure, to practise on real patient and to learn from my mistakes. That's good enough! I'm seizing all opportunities given. Oh, i also managed to intubate the patient! Eventhough i inserted wrongly the first time into his esophagus, making funny sound when he breath, but in the end, with his guidance, i successfully put it into the correct place, which is into the trachea! But disappointment did come at the same time, i failed my venepuncture the day b4 on another patient. Tried 2 times but still no blood coming out. Thank God, the patient didnt scold me..S.I.G.H. Which means, i need more practise on this..oh Lord, grant me with more confident after this failure..
It was St Gabs day last Wed, which was another formal dinner. The food not that great though..Thought it would be some nice western food, but it turned out to be chicken curry with long beans..weird. Oh wells..Here go some pics:)
But the dessert was good..Lemon cheese tart with berries:)

Us again:)

Daisy and Tulips..i took from the dinner:) Some new 'lives' in my room to enlighten me a little!

And cousie, Diana came down from Glasgow to visit Manchester. Stayed over my place for the weekend. Yup, it's time for me to the tour guide again! Thank God, we didnt get lost this time:P

Us with our bento..Unagi with rice! Yum..

Ealing*my new fren! She came along with Diana. Yeap, my room could occupy 3 peeps:)

When we see water, we feel like swimming:)

Us in front of Manchester Central Library..

It was my first time stepping into this library after being in Manchester for so long. Btw, i visited the Manchester museum for the first time too..Thanks to these gurls, who insisted to visit the museum, which was just a mile stone away my place. Anyway. great having them around..Had dim sum AGAIN:P

And that very Sunday, Steph decided to cook for us again. *Yipee* with her new recipe of pasta..Said to be a trial, and it turned out so well, with the salmon:)::Healthy meal we had::

Finally, another new week has just started. It's been great but today was extremely tiring. Went in hospital from 9.30am and came back at 6.30pm, due to some teachings, PBL, lectures and clinic attachments. But it's worth it. No pain, no gain yea..phew, another fruitful and long day, with a smile..Rejoice!

wasSup Doc: If u hv any question in life, write it down and do rmb to find out the answer. This will bring you far..-a patient told me this when i clerked him yesterday..words of wisdom.


*jeSSicA* said...

angie ur hair super looooonng dy la hehe

yea patients tend to say words of wisdom and encouragement too, random ppl have also wished me all the best in med and in life...it just brighten up my day =)

Ang3 said...

>jess: yea..hair damn long..some peeps call me 'cave woman' dy!! Muakakak....oh wells, enjoy urself in clinicals yea..

~*eley *~ said...

when i saw the lemon cheese cake with berries picture, i immediately started craving for cake.. :P secret recipe is nowhere near that standard.. sadly..