Thursday, February 26, 2009


which is defined as a 'nonsense longest English word used by the children meaning FANTASTIC'!
yup, that's how i feel now....SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS! sing a-long:)
This word is adapted from the musical Mary Poppins, the perfect nanny...

Went to watch 'Mary Poppins' last Monday. It's really awesome!

All the rumours saying it was not worth watching are all LIES...the theatre was full house though it's already 3 months playing in Manchester and those of us who went really enjoyed it! Especially me, who grew up with this movie and thanks to ma sis who gave me a few sing along songs prior the show...i wanted Mary Pop's umbrella so much.....but it's kinda ex, sigh! Dilemma dilemma since i'm an umbrella collector, still contemplating whether to get it! Ahhhh, it's a black umbrella with a parrot head on the handle..cute. But as far as i know, i wont have the heart to use it, so no point getting it!
Eugene & Lily
Shah, Angie & Steph

Aww...i love the umbrella larrr
Hmm, move on. Finished MOCK exams today. Was kinda stress over it pas few days preparing for it. Though it's just a mock OSCE with 7 stations, i still feel i have the responsibility to do well, and get some solid feedback from the examiners. Thank God, guess all went all right. Just a few minor mistakes here and there.*fingers crossed* hoping for the best when results return.

Just the day b4, we were so stress and look at our's just vege+bread..healthy student doctors:P (Thumbs up!)

The equipments we 'took' from our skills lab so we could practise on pillows:) Esp, we have to familiarise with different equipments for different hospital..why cant they just standardised all ar?

And our snack, chicken biscuits by Eugene! All the way from Malaysia oh!

So am off from work for these few days....but have to prepare for a Grand Round presentation this coming Monday...Ahhhhhhh..why cant i have a proper rest before a new semester starts. Oh wells, this is the life i choose, and i should cherish every moment i have here:)

Month of Lent starts today...40 days before Easter. and all of us from Student Fellowship are required to fast on something. And i've decided to fast from FACEBOOK, since it's something that takes up most of my time. So giving that up for 40 days will sure be a BIG challenge for me. Pray for perseverance, and of coz, using this time wisely and spend it with God. Came across this phrase one day..the time spend with God is always a quality time:) So yea, i'll occupy my time with my Daddy:) I'm sure He has something to teach me. Meanwhile, we're starting the book by Rick Warren as well- The Purpose Driven Life. Though i have finished it one round sometime ago, guess it's good to start all over again and see what He has to say to me this time...Looking forward for new messages each day for the next 40 days!! So not gonna be contacted from facebook for the time being. Contact me through my email kay peeps..i love reading mails!

catch u guys soon:)

going for a squash practise tmr..ah, it's been a while since i last played with Geoff, Chris, JenLye and Denise...those were the days..miss you all LOADS!!
IMU Cup 2007

wasSup Doc: Anything can happen if you let it- Mary Poppins!

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