Sunday, February 22, 2009

it's been a while..

since i last updated my blog:P

sorry folks..been busy with my SSC reports.
some of you may have known..I was really stress up with it, blame on my poor command of English...been binging on sweet stuff as i worked, but it's okay, my brain needed glucose boost but as the consequences, an extra inch for my waist..*sweat*!

oh wells, due date was last Friday and by God's grace i completed it.
It's definitely He who led me through, from the beginning till the end bits. If it weren't Him, it's sure a NO NO for me to finish this task. I was scared, i had fear, but His words enlightened me throughout. Psalm 42:5- Why are you so downcast, O my soul? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God for I will yet praise Him, my saviour and my God....Yes, in Him, my hope is found:)
Thank God it's over. The next mountain to achieve is..MOCK OSCE this coming Wed..KEY WORD..MOCK! But it's conducted as though it's a real exam. We are arranged to go to another hospital to sit for it, so that the examiners wont be of your own hospital and avoid being bias! And i am to go, PRESTON! Which requires me to take a 45mins bus ride. But luckily, the uni will provide transport for us:) Yeap, which means, i need to revise my OSCE, which covers physical examination, clinical skills, and COMMUNICATION skills, which is my major weakness! Advise from seniors is..STAY COOL, ACT confident! Muakakkakak..easier said than done. Will see will see..wish me luck!

Okay, on Valentines' day..a VVIP arrived Manchester:P He is none other than our long awaited..EUGENE TEO! Lily's countdown from 130+ days has finally come to an END! Yup, of all days, he came on the most auspicious day of the year! and the happiest person on earth that very moment was...LILY CHAN! but sorry lar, they didnt get ot spend a romantic night out together, because a few of us..being the lamp posts, joined them for dinner! kay kay, start cursing me...but but but, we were invited officially by the couple larrr...:P Had Chinese cuisine at Red Chilli! Yum..

the Love birds*_*

Oh, tried a few things within these 2 weeks:) After 5 months in Manchester, still got stuff to explore!

Tried bubble tea for the first so only:( And Steph came up with this idea of eating bread biscuits with spaghetti tomato sauce..NiceEEee:)

And Steph, started to love simple meal by adding salt n pepper only! Guess wat...they tasted GOooooD!!

Beef cooked with salt n pepper!Salmon fried with salt n pepper! And spinach with egg..wah..tastiness! Steph n m3:)

Steph's cooking skill is improving by leaps n bounds indeed!

YEss, we finally made it to Preston for the very 1st time! Preston is 50 mins train ride away. Some of IMU students are attached to this teaching hospital. We went there just for a 3 hours MOCK OSCE organised by our Year 4 seniors! It was real good for us, coz they asked those FY1 doctors who were our IMU seniors to become our examiners and the whole OSCE was as though a real exams with feedback! Good preparation for us:)

Finally, it's Manchester Games. Since I'm free from SSC dy, i volunteered myself in badminton games, got free lunch n T-shirt and because Steph was playing! Woohoo...Shhh, it's a paparazzi shot:) Steph in action! Special guest from Nottingham!! Edwina..came all the way to eat dim sum!And the highlight from the Malaysian food fair is...cucuk udang. Yum oh..Finally, found a new nice bridge in Manchester to take a pic with:P random..:)

wasSup Doc: tired, exhausted, malaise, fatigue..all the words to describe my tired-ness. But am renewed by Hid strength every morning..

Every new day is truly a blessing.


*jeSSicA* said...

highlight of the post: FOOD!

when u gonna show us readers ur cooking? =P

Ang3 said...

>Jessica: erm, my cooking is not presentable lar...