Tuesday, February 10, 2009

S.I.C.K again...

Sigh..It's not my first time being sick in the UK...
Me, just being 5 months here, had seen the doctor for 4 times for!!!
Wahlau..am i that weak? i am NOT....
Ya, i'm ill again..

Kay, am down with blocked sinus+sore throat+ ear pain and red eyes!
went to A&E last Saturday to get some treatment, waited 2 hours for my turn!
After much checkup, i was diagnosed with viral pharyngitis, which means inflammation of my voice box! Since it's viral, no medicine was prescribed. But i was advised to drink COLD water, eat ICE-CREAM, continue taking panadol and gargle more often with salt water. Full stop.
there is a reason to eat ice cream now..but na, no appetite to eat at all!

So i thought things will be better after so much sleep, but i was WRONG, the more i sleep, the more uncomfortable i got. Headache and discharge from my eyes..Every morning i wakes up, my eyes are sticky and cant open! eww...Irritating!

So after class this afternoon, i went to A&E again( one thing good studying in hospital, u can just go to the walk in centre and ask to see a dr:P) This time, i was seen at the emergency EYE clinic.very specialized indeed, the whole clinic just to see patients with eye problems! The nurse checked my eyes, conjunctiva and eyelids....am now diagnosed with conjunctivitis! And the worst is..am not allowed to go in hospital for maybe 2 weeks! this is STRESS..coz am doing SSC and it's the best time to learn stuff, now i am not allowed to go hospital..DIE!

So now..i need you prayers peeps. Pray that i will recover soon..it's ASAP! thank you in advance:)

Just a short update bout last week. Highlight of the week was the Chinese New Year formal dinner in my hall. Lily and I were asked to some sort organise the event. But thank God, the gurls in my hall were so helpful, and all bergotong-royong made the event a success:)

us in RED..ang ang mah:)


the whole dining hall was decorated in RED:) Chinese Fav color huh..

Lily and I came up with the menu. Spring rolls as starters, braised rice with sesame chicken for main dish and red bean soup for dessert. Spring rolls with duck filling was awesome! but the main dish, cannot make it! Tasted weird, and the worst was red bean soup! The pic looked nice yea, but it has NO TASTE at all! all they need to add was MORE SUGAR, to make it SWEET! Aiyoooooo...so disappointed. I even brought a sample of red bean soup for the chef to taste and i'm sure the one i brought was SWEET..but but it turned out to be...TASTELESS! Haih..

and their favourite, being the fortune cookies! Do Chinese actually eat fortune cookies on CNY? i dun think so right...hehe! Commercialised.. and my fortune cookies said: Money will come to you when you do the right thing:PThanks Gurls for all the help offered:) Much appreciated!

wasSup Doc: I will recover, by His healing hands on me..be strong, Angie:)


*jeSSicA* said...

first time i hear ppl go overseas less than half a year then sick 4 times already...and to top it up, u ARE a medical student...a doctor-to-be! >.<

awww poor girl, wat are u going to do for 2 weeks not going to hospital? hmmm...i think it's time u REALLY NEED to take time to take care of urself...please!! dun over-stress and over-tire (if there's such word) urself, at least for my sake k?

wouldn't it be nice if i can cook for u when u are sick?

be strong, and get well soon..hugs!

Ang3 said...

>Jess:thankies dear..awww, i love the part when u said : wouldn't it b nice if i can cook for u when u are sick? yeap, it would b real nice:)..dun worry, i will be strong. hugs..

IntrudeNotInMyPrivateSpace said...

Aunty Angelene, must take care of yourself kay...sick no play play. guess just take this time u jz have to rest (rest x= sleep tho). chill. hehe. i know how it feels to miss out, so...get well fast fast! :) anyway, God has the best in mind for u! :)


lishun said...

no valentine's flowers to show? lol.

anyway, hope things are ok in manchester. my eos was...a disappointment. i feel like i disappointed myself. hopefully can still pass la.

take care, k? God bless.

p/s: hope you feel better already!

Ang3 said...

>Joanne: Thanks dear, yup, my Daddy wil 'Jaga' me:)

>LiShun: toO bad..no valentine's flower:( Am old aunty dy larr...hehe. but i'm fit n well dy, so much better after good rest:) but dear, dun worry too much bout EOS k, as long as u've given ur best, God will not dissapoint you..chin up.smile:)