Monday, July 07, 2008

post EOS 5

YipEee!!! EOS 5 is over...woOhoO..i can feel the freEdOm and deep inside us, we just wanna shout MERDEKA, MERDEKA, MERDEKA~

the aftermath:) CELEBRATIONS...

* M106 farewell party*

gurls and the CSU tigEr, Dr Htin Aung:) He's one of the best lecturer in IMU!



~Xandie's 21st party~

See the post exams FEVER...stupiak POSEs..haih..we've gone crazy......

Thanks Xandie for hosting us, these monkeys:)

Geoff the cook!! me 'kacau-ing' only:P

Jeremy with 'langsir'??...sweat!

Denise & Mushroom eyes...Sweat!

Pseudo cook...Hehe.Denise is so mean..Chocolate QueeN!

~M106 Cell Group~

After dinner at LiJun's place, we started off with ice-breaker:) We're asked to write on each other's back the good qualities of that person:) quite cool..It's like an encouragement for each and everyone of us to kno that all of us are gifted in different ways:]

then all of us shared, on how we have grown over this 2 and a half years, spiritually and in number. i could still remember vividly that our cell started with only 5 miserable chaps, and at the end of semester 5, we almost touch 20 ppl:) God works in wonders! When all of us started sharing, we could see God is working greatly in everybody's life. And we just cant fathom His great plans. Kudos my dear cellies, it has been great serving alongside with you all and i really cherish the times we come together as a body of Christ. May we continue to be more Christ-like, to be a great testimony for His glory! He has watched over us throughout this 2.5 years in IMU, i believe He'll continue to see us all through the coming years! Have faith cellies!

~Bar B Q plaza~

After church service last Sunday, the IMU gang decided to throw a mini farewell party for Chun Seng, who is leaving to Dundhee next week:) Since he loVES BarBQ plaza so much, we drove all the way to Sunway to have our lunch there. Hmmm, talked about this bunch of people, who started to attend my church, CDPC since the beginning of this year. I must say, it's definitely God who brought us together. I used to go CDPC in Subang myself, most of my friends from IMU attend other churches which are nearer to school and need not travel so much. But since i got closer to the people in CDPC, i just dun feel like changing to another church. What i want a share here is how God has led my batch mates to attend my church, how He brought William, Raymond and Aaron to know Christ. How He revealed Himself to them...It's really amazing. To see them serving in Church, loving God and God's people, i know God is always so real:)Since then, every Sunday, we will have makan session together, joke and of coz pray together..They are really a great bunch of people and thank God i got to know them better before i graduate from IMU Bj:) Gonna definitely miss them...

~Gathering with KB crews~

FINALLY...almost after half a year, i got to meet my OLD FRIENDS:) Shann came back from US, Kimmie from UK, Thong from UM and Raulito from SARAWAK!! Gosh, we talked and talked and talked, eat and eat and eat. It's like years we never meet up. Guess it's Angelene, cause she is always in Vista, studying only:P Sorry guys:) Ate lunch at sakae Sushi and dinner at Paramount..NASI LEMAK! Surprisingly, they knew this place toO..Hahaha! Yummy...When will be our next meet up??I wanna go jalan jalan with you guys ler..Raulito, faster plan k:)

*Chuk*Angie*Shann*....Thanks for treating us dinner, Chuk:)

...more outings to come:]

wasSup Doc: How does one say thank you for a life? I thank you for always being there when i most needed you- in sickness and in sorrow. In days of wild rejoicing. But most of all, i thank you for being who you are. Constant and kind. Patient and forgiving.

Sharing my journey- the best of all companions:) Cheers


*jeSSicA* said...

enjoy while u can! =)

p/s: wat bout ur date with me?? =P

Ang3 said...

>Jessica: will take forever!:P God's plan...

shasha said...

haha the writing on ppl's back (cell group) thing is so cute! love to see how god works wonders in ppl's life.. very overwhelming :)

and. finally you updated :D

Ang3 said...

>shasha: Indeed God works in wonders:)..yepp, finally i have TIME to update:) post exams freedom!