Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy 21st birthday Denise!!

It's cheobu's big day! Welcome to the 21st club my dear:)

Finally, u're legal, turning to a sophisticated+ elegant+ beautiful woman you already are!
Great knowing you in IMU:) Ur jokes,your laughter, ur presence made my life in IMU so FUN.. love u lots gurl..gonna miss you so much when i leave IMU. Gonna miss the time we walked back from library, our B1 block and of course all the time we spent together within this 2 and a half years. It's really amazing right? we survived 5 semesters in IMU(we will pass EOS 5!!definitely will) you still rmb the dumb dumb us when we first came in IMU, being as nerdy as we were in sem 1, camping in the particular corner in library..those were the days and they're definitely the finest moments in my life. U're such a sweetheart..rmb that k..U're a blessing to many of us and you're made in the image of God. the SUPER SPECIAL you:) Stay cheery, stay 'bimbo':P, stay young, stay close with God, everything will be fine ya. Hugs hugs dear! Oops, forget me NOT:P
God bless you my dearest Denise Tan Suyin!
wasSup Doc:
For the fun, for the crazy surprises, for sharing my troubles, for believing in me, thank you.
Thank you for it all

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denise said...

aiyoooooo so sweet!

thank you ANGIE!
haha ya i remember those nerdy people we used to be. But you know what, if we were nerds then i think now we are SUPER-NERDS!
haha but im proud to be a nerd with anyone of you guys anytime =p

so fast 2.5 years...

choi choi lets not think about leaving yet shall we. lets enjoy the remaining weeks! *gasp* did i just say weeks?

see you in uni angie! jia yuo!