Wednesday, July 23, 2008

post CHECK UP for my back:)

Since so many people have been asking about my back pain, i decided to post this and report to you guys, Angie is ALIVE n WELL..thanks for all the messages, calls and prayers. I truly appreciate the care you all showered upon me...I'll PROMISE TO TAKE GOOD CARE OF MYSELF K:) Muacks!

yeap...went for check up for my back few days ago. The cacat back has caused me so much pain during my exams period. i cant even bend down to touch the floor and the leg felt numbness, it's the very first time i felt so terrible..Imagine how severe it was..but thank God, It's so much better now..

So wat the orthopaedic said?
From the X-rays i did recently compared to those X-rays 7 years back when i first suffered this slip disk problem, apparently he said it is not getting any worst. Usually i experience pain when i sit or stand for long hours. So the most prolly cause that worsen the pain was the awkward position when i studied:P i tend to curl myself up and hunch back...sowee..blame on me, myself:P

So do i need to undergo any surgery?
It's one of the option to relief the pain. But due to insufficient time for me to recover since I'm leaving to UK this August d, the doctor said just leave it as it is. If i cant stand the pain any longer, maybe I'll need to undergo the surgery next year when i come back. So yea, please keep me in prayer that God will do the healing:) If i do feel the pain again, i can have some painkiller 1st:)

Yup, so far so good:) Angie is in good condition now...
Thanks again ya..i know you all care:)

wasSup Doc: God cares for us....i know that full well*_*


*jeSSicA* said...

yay =D that's good to hear! *dun 'curl' up again when studying, will u?* =P

Ang3 said...

>Jessica: okie..i will try not to..hahah

Anonymous said...

hmm.. you'd need to build up a strong back to support your spinal cord. i'd suggest you to do the legandary infamous Deadlift.

p/s : it was a joke. take good care of yourself


Ang3 said...

>simply_back: Muahaha..kamsia wei...ya, will take care of myself:)

Amiene Rev said...


I pray for you health, and good posture.

May God will be with you.