Friday, April 04, 2008

Officially 21:)

Boo..i'm back AFTER a long MIA due to MSK larRr..Anyway, i survived! YUP IVYyy, i survived..Hehe..k k k..i officially turned 21 last month and i believe all of you will agree with me that being 21 is a BIG thing..same goes to me here. my celebration was a GREAT one though..despite having musculoskeletal exams in one week time. BIGGIE thanks to all of you who had made my big day an ANGIE's day, sacrificing your precious time to study study and study....if it wasn't U u and U..i'll be celebrating my big day with MSK lecture notes:(

birthday celebration marathon?! here it goes... ready,get set, GO!

4 days before my big day, M106 Cellies decided to throw a surprise party for me after class. 10 minutes after lecture, LiJun made an announcement saying all cellies please stay back and meet outside lecture hall. okay, mayb our dear cell leader has smth important to annouce but low and behold, as i walked out the door, i could hear my dear friends singing the famous birthday song, greeting me with a smile:) THANKS cellies*_*[p.s: see what Raymond is holding!! MSK study guide..]
2 days b4 my big day! CF committee had a meeting and again, edwina and me were presented with a birthday cake after the meeting. Pre-celebration for both our birthdays:) Btw, Edwina's birthday is just one day before mine. Happy burfday gurl:):) Thanks a lot for the effort CF-ers:)
CLOCK strikes 1 am on 28th of March. Received a msg from Chris Poi: Walked out your door! POP POP POP Yup, it's Chris, Shan and Denise who just finished studying in uni dropped by my place to present me with tau fu fah(birthday cake) with lighter as the candle..creative:) Didn't expect them to turn up so late though..Thank you THANK you Thank YOU! Denise looked so tired....must be studying uber hard for msk..
28th of Mac- Angie woke up uber early because......i need to STUDY:p! Another reason was because my dear DEAR friends decided to take a day off from studying in order to celebrate my birthday:) they all arranged a celebration over lunch.[btw, it was a holiday that day coz all the IMU staff were having their staff trip to SHANGHAI!] Hwei Wan, Denise and Mustaq came my place earlier and greeted me with birthday song and ballooons and SUNFLOWER*my favourite*! Bah...
They brought me to Mizu, Japanese find Dining in Bangsar village. Cause i think they know i Lurve Jap food..Sorry to Hwei Wan though...SHE HATES JAP FOOD...Aiks!
Edamame, Unagi, Udon, Beef....Yummilicious:) The set lunch there is quite reasonable though with big portion of food and make u grow FAT:P
Wat do you think about this dish? It's a piece of ART by Chef G-wong!!! Edible? U decide..
my OVER reacted expression when i saw their first gift for me......find out wat is it below:)
angie on a quest to search for my 2nd present..It's hidden somewhere..?!
TAddAAaaa.....the 1st pressie is the Pocky PINK bag. I've been looking high and low for it after seeing a woman using it in Midvalley one day but i have no guts to ask where she bought it from. Then few weeks back when we went shopping in Bangsar, i saw it in one of the boutique but it was kinda expensive so i didnt get it. Woohoo, my friends were so sentisitive and finally bought it for me...LOVE IT TO THE MAX! oh, my 2nd present was hidden underneath the tiramisu cake. It's the golden ticket to IMU BALL 2008!!*grin*
the Pressies from Naboobians( Pei, Geoff, Denise, Wannie, Xandra, JenLye, Chris)
next up, MUSTAQIM, my dearest OO gave me LOMO Fishy Eye 2 as my 21st birthday pressie!
i repeat it's long dream camera! i nearly got a heart attack when i tore the wrappers off. THANK YOU to the MOST LENGZHAI, MOST SMART, NICEST, MUSTAQIM!! U might not be reading my blog but just wanna let you kno this, u dun have to envy me because of the friends, family and God i have. Trust me, my God loves u too and remember you have a bunch of juniors like US to cheer you up yea! We're forever the crazy FUNKY CHICKEN + Naboobians:):)
Lomo Fish Eye...gonna go snap snap snap soon.....!!
Thank U dear Liying for the balloon and Sunflowers! Aww, i heart sunFlowers! it's a HAPPIE flower, says Angie!:P:P
A heartfelt gratitude to Mustaqim, Jen Lye, Chris, Pei, Xandra, Hwei WAn, Li Ying, Geoff and Denise for taking me out on my big day. Thank U for the genuine friendship and i definitely will miss the days we shared in IMU. Let me see the Funky Chicken!! Stay Funky yea!
OOooops, met angkasawan next to Mizu...And Denise is SoOo in love with him...Awwww, Denise is grinning from ear to ear...!!
Just one hour b4 my day ended, Caryn and Kevin came to my place and gave me a present!

Heels from Vincci+!!! They are so gorgeous. Denise is right, i have this fetish towards shoe esp from Vincci! Hmm, now i have another pair of shoe..Yipee. Thank you guys. It's so creative of u both to buy me a pair of heels. And how Caryn knows my size? Coz we both wearing the same size..Hehe! And they really fit+very comfy somemore...oh, Kevin wrote a very lovely birthday post for me in his blog. Looking back how we know each other back in SAM...hmm,Click
here to read it:)
1 day after Princess Teo turned 21, the KING & QUEEN from the Teo's kingdom came down vista to celebrate this princess' birthday! parents are so sweet la. They knew i'm turning 21 and to them it's a big thing. So it's a MUST to give me a key:) Apparently they both went shopping bersama-sama to get my pressie. They visited almost all the goldsmith in Kelantan. My dad also insisted to get a birthday card with number 21 printed on the card..Yup, they managed to find one nice one:)
"Your birthday is the best time to tell you how special you are. You're a super star." That's wat my daddy wrote on the card....Sweet..Thanks papa n mama! Love you both loads..

my key to freedom:):) The very first pressie i received from the princesses in See family..Thank you aunty See, See Jean Ann and See Sue Ann for the lovely gift. if u could see the picture on the paper clearly, it's actullay Jay's pic. Jean Ann knew i'm an ardent fan of Jay Chou, so she purposely printed his picture out and pasted in on the paper for me...Hahha...very thoughtful of her!:)
PINK colored pressies from Jacelyn! I LOVE THE STRAWBERRIEs tiny box! + the key and lock cute although i dun hav piercings YET..dun worry, will pierce my ears when it's the right time..hehe!
my dear brother bought me this!! i actually asked him to buy me the 1st edition one because it's cheaper and human's anatomy wont change. But he got me the 2nd edition instead:) it's really useful esp in MSK and when the anatomy covers 60% of the lecture notes! these cards definitely help me a lot in exams recently....kamsia la koko:)
Li Jun gave me this book, it's called 'Jesus M.D.'. Hmm, think it's about Jesus being the ultimate physician for all of us. Gonna read it after i finish my current book given by John See called ' What Every Sunday School Teacher Should Know". Gonna take me some time though coz studies in IMU getting tougher:(
Raymond and Wennie drop these pressies outside my apartment. Then Wennie msged me: From my balcony, i saw a dead chicken just outside ur door,u better go c it k? Hahah...super cute la. And yes, gonna use the book wisely and i'm gonna be a woman of faith!
Shower gel from Crabtree and Evelyn....Thanks a bunch to WeiLin and Sarah Yuen. The shower gel smells uber good...Angie's gonna smell like a rose...*hehe*!
Pressie all the way from Merlion city, S'pore! Thank you Ivyyy! She decorated a memo post it board for me with verses. And yea, Angie loves to write notes just like her mum(my bestest friend). And thanks Ivy for the bag..came in at the right time:P And dear, thank you for the ang pow with verses...i like it!

stRawberry strap from Suzanne, my dear junior. She noticed i lost my straberry strap which i used to hang it on my name tag. Due to my carelessness, i dropped it somewhere..but biggie thanks to Suzanne, i have another strawberry!! Angie loves it and simulated patient in csu is fascinated by it...strawberry-ness!
Yup, Angie is officially 21...i'm finally legal and i can vote! Hehe...
Last but not least, biggie thanks to those who had called me, sent me birthday wishes through phone, friendster and facebook! Being a very sentimental gurl, i copied all your msges down in my diary...And i really really appreciate you guys for remembering Angelene's birthday...This world is not small, but for me to meet you is God's blessing and for you to remember who i am is a bonus! i love you all lots!! My day wont be as memorable as it was if it wasn't YOU who had showered me up with your abundance love..
Birthday wishes to Sze Chia, Shui Yee, Chun Seng and Ze Wee who shared the same birthday as me:)
wasSup Doc:
' I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful,
i know that full well.
My frame was not hidden from you when i was made in the secret place.
When I was woven together in the depths of the earth,
your eyes saw my unformed body.
all the days ordained for me were written in your book
before one of them came to be.'
Psalm 139:14-16
Thank you my dear Creator for making Angelene...


crz said...

i second dat!! thank you my dear creator for making such a so very sweet Angelene! :)

thank God ur mom didn't get GDM!

jace said...

then its about time to get your ears pierced...haha...don worry, its not painful :P

*jeSSicA* said...

wow wow wow! finally - the post! many pressies u have there...looks like ppl seem to know wat u like =P must be happy till smiling whole day right (even when u are writing this post)?

hey u love japanese food too! good time u can belanja me dy...coz i love jap food as well hehe.

i also havent had my ears pierced!

ur fren is super funny la sms u to say she saw a dead chicken outside ur!!

conclusion from this post: sunflower + strawberry + pink + jap food + bag + heels = angelene

t k h said...

i luv sunflowers too. charming!
ur bro so cute la wearing 'hot' pants. wahaha...
by the way post in pinkshirts is good.
& u r coming Aus? when? when! when?

Wannie said...

haha!! i don't hate jap food oh!! just dont like the raw raw stuff and erm.. a lot of the fishy stuff lar.. but i love love grilled eel... erm.. i think its call unagi!! :D grilled eel.. makes one happy wannie!!

Wannie said...

oh ya!1 forgot to say.. hope you have a great birthday ya.. although we just bring you go out eat only.. :P love you girl!!

Anonymous said...


crz said...

GDM = gestational diabetes mellitus

coz angie so sweet!! :)

Ang3 said...

>Crz: ur mouth very very sweet huh..hehe:) Thank U my dear creator for Crz Poi 2!!

>Jace: Yepp yepp,i surely will get my ears pierced...but not now la..haha..Pain~~

>jessica: THANK YOU for the belated pressie all the way from Aussie!!Haha...esp the scarf as a welcome gift to aus! I'm not 100% gonna get Aus yet though:)

>wannie: Bringin me out is MORE than enough:) THANK YOU!!!

>tkh: NOT SURE yet la my dear....have to wait till IMU match me...if i go,i'll definitely tell u:)

shasha said...

hey angelene, so sorry i missed you b-day (was away fr m'sia) and now it's like sooo way late but i still remember! exams are taking my life away. but still, reading your post always shows me how loveeeed you are, so happy for you; really. :)

you deserve all the happiness in the world, dear; may God bless you always as you continue to be a blessing.

Ang3 said...

>Shasha: dun worry dear:)though the wishes came in late, it's the heart that matters ya:)anyway, thank you so much gurl! God bless you too:):)Hugs..