Thursday, March 27, 2008

slow Mail:)

Angie LOVES slow mail.

the feeling of opening the postbox and found letters specifically for me is so ....happy-ing!

Thank God for postmen.

Received a few letters that put a smile on my face last few days..esp they are all from around the world. I'm still remembered and am so loved....

Thank you, Jessica for the birthday card + pics + bookmark
all the way from Melbourne, Aus:)

Thank you Shannie for the early birthday wishes and encouragements..cant wait to see you when u come back from US:)

Thank you, Ivyyy for the Merlion Postcard + noteS! I*heart*Merlion:) i heart this princess named Ang Ang in S'pore!! U dun overworked urself more, dearie!!

Thank you Kimmie for your deflatable birthday it lots:):):) thanks for 'importing' this adorable monkey for me...

somebody is turning 21 tomorrow...*grin*

wishes are wat i love most:)

Happy birthday, Angie.
wasSup Doc: 28th of Mac. It's a day for reflection. Looking back how God has blessed me throughout these 21 years. I'm thankful for how He created me. i am who i am^_^


Jens said...

wah.. somebody soooo lucky...=P

just wishing u 'eppie bwurfdae'!! 21 yrs old redi... going off soon also.. hope u be successful some day in the near future k? good luck for eos 5 and all the best in everything u do ya...=)

jia you ba!

see ya tmw!!


*jeSSicA* said...

yay mails from all around the world!

u are really lucky dear =) glad that the card arrived safely hehe~

happy birthday again! (i think i should count how many times have i wished u lol)

*jeSSicA* said...

btw, just noticed that all the cards have animals on them =P

Chien said...

Happy Birthday, Angelene =)
Sorry I didn't manage to call or mail something ><

In short, hope you have a great 21 =)

jace said...

happy 21st birthday angelene!!!hope you had a blast....hehe...

luket said...

the Card from Jes is so pretty!
lucky uuu=P

Happy birthday Ange! ;P

Ang3 said...

>Jens, Chien, jace: thank you thank you thank you for all the wishes:) really had a great yesterday:)

>Jess: wah..u're so observant. didnt really notice that all my cards have animals on them..hehe! Thanks gurl :)

>luket: yup..i'm definitely blessed to have them:)tQ!

Laine said...

sorry buddy,i didnt know it was ur birthday but i will rmb in the future!
happy belated 21st birthday ;)
*big faaaaaat hug for u*