Wednesday, April 23, 2008


1)CF Camp

the theme this year was Designed to Connect.(to God, Self and Family)
A very well-organised camp, with 115 participants. I supposed it's one of the biggest camp CF had organised. By God's grace, all the programmes went smoothly, weather was unexpectedly good, speaker,Annette from FES managed to bring across relevant message short and sweetly to the crowd, and games were complicated yet they were still able to integrate biblical reminders in the game. For eg, we had this virus game, and it's just like a telematch where u need to go to stations to play some games. but in the same time, if u win against your opponent, you'll get a reward, like sword of spirit, breastplate of righteousness and shield of faith. Then you can use these weapons to kill the virus attacking 3 cheers for the whole committee for the outstanding effort in making this camp a success! CF camp is always fun and in the same time you get to know more people from IMU! Those who has missed it, rmb to sign up next year! U're gonna enjoy to the MAX! trust Aunty Angie!! i wont lie:P
My group...连接(Lian Jie) which means Connect in Mandarin:)

Angie and Annette, the speaker of the camp!! Oh, she was my Angel in the 'Angel and Mortal' wonder la, she came and talk to me so much during the camp:P!

jESS!! this is for U...told ya, we went camp together:):)

we even went kayak-ing during our free time. Rm10 for 1 full hour...quite a good deal huh:)
i heart CF camp! Emo...

2)IMU Idol's exactly the same as AMERICAN IDOL. Thanks to Kevin who came up with this brilliant idea to raise fund for IMU Ball 2008:) After 3 weeks of votings and eliminations, the final 7 contestants finally came together last Thursday to be the very first IMU Idol...and the winner goes to..*chiang chiang chiang*----JADE from semester 1!!!
behind the scene- it has been a dreadful 3 weeks for the committeeS to organise this event. asking IMU-nians to pay and vote was not easy at all!! preparing egg sandwiches to sell on that day itself was tiring yet exciting esp all the bathchmates came together to process egg sandwiches! 330 eggs to be boiled, mashed and 'sandwiched'! Great experience..Especially an unexpected batchmate came over my place to help....SAY GUI QUAN!
Yep...he really came and WORK! can u believe it? Of all people in's SAY SAY SAY! We're definitely very proud of you...

Weilin dear 017:P

1st IMU Idol- Jade!! She can sing really well..~definitely an A star singer~

the 3 musketeers who cant sing but can shout to support!

wasSup doc: IMU Ball 2008 pictures coming up next...stay tune to Journey with Angelene:P


Ah Pei said...

HAhahaa...OMG...say.....can;t believe it...seriously...

*jeSSicA* said...

i miss u guys so muchie

ling zhi can u come melb find me after ur sem 5?! =P

luke.t said...

finally a post, albeit backdated!
Dun be so lazy ange teo!
MOREEEE updates

Ang3 said...

>ah pei: Yepp!!! i was uber shocked to see him when he came my place that day...wahahah.

>Jessica: i would LOVE to go visit u my dear:)hahha...miss a muchie too

>luke.t: sowee, kinda busy with studies...but i'll try to update k..patience..:P