Tuesday, November 13, 2007


I'm supposed to blog bout my recent trip to Melacca with my group of friends..a really great one indeed. So much to share but NEXT post lar...

Dedicate this post to all my PBL H mates especially to my PBL ANNOYING THING!*gonna find out who is this adopted child of mine..hehe*

PBL H + Dr Juriah:)

*Krisna, Fish, Poh Peng, Ngie Chang, Raymond, Kunaraj, Stephii & Cheng Ling*

Maternal Child Health Clinic in Mantin

*Our Camphore moments*

1st shot- Krisna is missing and only half of my face seen! BUT Fish claimed this as her favourite picture coz her face is ALL in..Hahahhaha

2nd shot- My face totally GONE! And Ngie Chang's eyes....Hai!

We gave up eventually because our skills weren't that good. So we asked the driver to take the picture for us...huh, FINALLY a complete one! Cheers!!

wasSup Doc:
To my dearest PBL mates:
Thank you the knowledge you share, Thank you for the patience you give, Thank you for the Jokes you make, Thank you for EVERYTHING in PBLs:) It's not by coincidence we're put together in the same group, it's by His great plan to let me get to know you guys better in Sem 4(^_^)
i'll appreciate it...

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