Saturday, November 17, 2007

the SS mate is BACK!

I was really touched by what this BFF of mine blog about before she left to Aus early January this year:) it's a post dedicated to me,ME!!!:) It's an amazing story how we got closer especially we were from totally different circle of here to read her emo post:)The things that made her REMEMBER till now. Even i myself cant recalled i actually did them. Jessica is an EMO queen..
And this SS mate of mine is back from Melbourne..Yay!And she decided to visit me once she landed on Malaysia! Since she has cravings for nasi lemak, so i bought the nasi lemak ayam from burger stall which i personally think taste quite good:) After class, i rushed home and waited anciously for this royal highness to come!The first thing i asked when i see her was 'can i hug hug?' it has been almost a year i never see and hug her:)

Jessica + Angi3:) The SS Queens!

And so we started our girls talk..TALK TALK talk...LAugh Laugh LAUGH...SNAP snap SnaP(take pictures)..we're the SS Queens! Call us the duo shuttleBUGS:) Then it's gift exchange time..Whee! i gave her some souvenier i bought from Greece and she in return gave me LOTS of things from Melbourne! Let's see wat she brought back for me...

The FAMOUS Krispy Kreme doughnuts!All the way from Melbourne..Very nice indeed!

The many gifts i received:)

Yup, baby Melbourne is home....My magnet family is growing!!

wasSup Doc: Jess, u said u don't want to be my daughter coz u wanna be my best friend:) Just wanna let you know..U'll always be,ok?:)

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*jeSSicA* said...

what emo post, i wrote it truthfully for u and u said i emo =.=||| blek!
but since u mentioned royal highness, i shall forgive u =P (hey, i never know i'm 'royal' haha)

by the way, u can be SS queen, i'll just be SS princess...

and yay! i know i can be ur best friend forever =)

p/s: i came across the buildings in ur magnet in some of my photos in my laptop recently. let me see if i can remember what are those buildings hehe..