Saturday, April 28, 2007

Yipee...FINALLY i got a medal!

M106- 3rd Place
My Saturday started of with netball interbatch competition. Though the stress on the coming EOS is there, but still i need to de-stress myself right? So, i went and played as a SHOOTER...can u imagine?i'm NOT very TALL, n my shots are NOT 100% in, but still my team mates have faith in me and put me in..
So, we started off playing with Sem4, it was a very close game! We won by 4-3 and i could see the relief in all of us because Sem 4 was the champion in IMU Cup 2006 but we were at advantage coz they were lack of players. Anyway, we moved on and played with the pharmacy Sem 1. Fear overwhelmed us at first because before the real match, we had a friendsly game with them and we lost to them. However, we managed to control the game and smoothly we conquered the game!! FUyoH...M106 were GreaT!! Next game against Medical Sem1..NEVER EVER think they are newbies in IMU means they are not good enuff! TotALly WRONG!! They were freaking good. The Shooter was so TALL that the ball SURE go in once she shoot. It was a tough game and so we lost to them by 5-3..Haih, so near yet so far..nevermind! Final game, we played against Sem 5! Again, we lost to them...Argh... but it's just a no worries! Sem 1 took the 1st unexpectedly and Sem 5 were the runner up. And, M106 manage to secure a bronze medal...At least we won smth...muahaha! .I'm so so Happy!!Finally our hard work paid off! Praise and honour to our Heavenly Father who strengthened us and protect us from any injury. Proud to say i came back in one piece, unlike last year i fell and left a huge scar at my knee cap..Hehe!
Anyway, Good game girls!
Alicia, Nabila, Thazin, Ching Li, Shazma, Hidayah, Naz, Roch and Rachel!!
WE, M106 netball team RULES!!!!!

Angelene and her medal(Ssssness)

Score board-m106(D group)

M106 & M105

Well Done girls:)

wasSup Doc : God's plan ALWAYS lead to victory....


yr sis* said...

Heyyy that guy looks like Iskandar!!!! Izzit him?
He is playing too? haha

ivyyy! said...

wahhh. you girls beat my batch? :( hee. anyway glad you had a good time playing. must have shot in a lot of goals right? well done angel!

Ang3 said...

>Sis: YeP, it's Iskandar, your ex- college mate...Hehe. he didnt play, was there to give out prizes i think..not sure:)

>Ivyyy: i think if u were around, it wud be harder for us to beat ur batch:P. i shot in goals BUT miSsed lots of goals too:(!still we had FUN!