Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Short of Breath??NOOooooO!!i'm gonna Shine on Brightly!

Huh, after 4 weeks of hematology and the killing exam..Finally i could take 5 and go to Christian Fellowship camp which was at Port Dickson Methodist Centre. Yes, it was the BESTEST camp ever. Everything was splendidly carried out!! Biggie thanks to our big Boss(GOD) who took good care of everything..

3 Roars for.....
*the camp committee who had sacrificed their time and energy to organise such a perfectly planned camp!!
*the games committee who had planned the games!I lurve the captain ball(esp with Papaya..Fuyoh, wat a unique idea!), human fusball and frisbees!They were really fun!!
*Papa n Mama camp for jaga-ing the naughty kids(us)..Hehe
*Ee Leen for getting such a great speaker, Pastor Sean. I felt the sermon was really powerful and God was like talking to me directly through him.. *Ivy Ang for composing the so meanigful+touching camp song-Shine on By Grace

*Sarah Ng for the kiddy booklet..It's so sweet n lovely! And the Spider Web game. It's a really good team building game where u can see people carrying each other to go through a tiny hole.
*Gary for the T-shirt designing! Well Done.:):):)2 colors were equally niceeeeE.
*Timothy for arranging the "Amat, Sangat, Sungguh" cold dom for us to Zzzz...
*my Angel-Ah Pei! i still cant believe she was my angel and look after me throughout the camp. Thank you for the lovely Pink messages, cold water to quench my thirst, a comfy massage when i'm dog-tired, the smiley face breakfast and the LOVE u showed! And Pei, the surprise T-shirt was really a blast! i felt so stupid when i went tell u wat my angel bought me the shirt i wanted badly and it's actually U who did EVERYTHING!!Thanks!!Muacks..
*Ivy and Siaw Ying for choreographing the MAsS Dance! It was really a lifetime experience when u can dance with 30+ different partners in ONE night! Honestly speaking, it's really a good way to know the people in camp! FUN FUN Great!

*the GREEN Happening team...though we were in the last place but in my heart, we are always the Champion!!!Yup, our fighting spirit and the unity in us were imcomparable!!Way to go guys:)
*members of Racing REEBOK! Devotions in the morning were so smoothly done. Thanks for the inner sharing about the great work God has done in your lives. They were great testimonies to reflect God's goodness for each and everyone of us:)
*M106 Cellies for always be there when i needeed u guys MOST!!:)
-Aim far guys...we are champions for GOD:)-

So wat was the take home message for me? 3 things i should NOT do if i want to WIN the race
i)do NOT complain
ii)do NOT compete
iii)do NOT compare
I must challenged myself NOT to commit them again. Coz previously, ANGELENE luRve to complain, compete n compare! But NOT after camp....i hav learned:)
Timothy came to rescue!! Pity Wei Lin who sprained her ankle...but her cheerful jolly spirit never stop her from enjoying each and every moment of the camp..get well soon dear!

The twinS we found! Barbara and Baverly~I'm so excited!!!

Overall, i wud say this camp was rather different with the other camps i attended. I rate it as 10/10...Throughout the 3 days, u could see smiling faces around. They were filled with so much joy and blessings! It's by God's grace that everybody there enjoy themselves to the MAX and most importantly of all, they were all spiritually strengthened and are now fully ready to run the ultimate race for Christ:)

wasSup Doc: Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize. -1 Corinthians 9:24-


mzt said...

R they really twins?
Barbara & Baverly

awwww how sweet of ur fren, Pei=)
Seemed like a great camp huh

Ang3 said...

Yea, they are really TWINS!!
And they look ALIKE!i CANT differentiate at all...Hehe

Ah PEi is the BEST better that the Rest!!

Ah Pei said...

AHhahaha....*kembang liao*

It's my pleasure to serve u Ange! It's so little compared wat u've done for me...:>

crz said...

its so ironic... angel's angel.. haha... randomness..