Saturday, April 21, 2007

Post Camp Pics!


ReEbOk...Racing for the Best!
for ONCE, Denise n Li Jun are tallEr
Sarah preaching???
de greatest command of all is LoVe

Jason*Angie--for the Joy of the Lord:)
Li Jun in her 'cheer leading' stylO trying to cross over the spider web...
My mortal-Linda(Mama caMp)

Edwina + Lynn Xuan=My MenteEs
Poi...Yo, cute-nyer!!

F4 in the house!
'Fuh!!' G-Wong memang Power....
Laughing Gases-Angie*Sarah*Jolene
GreEn RuleSSssss
dEnisE the magnificient being cArrieD!!

Nerds brushing Teeth
de BEST Cell Leader-Li Jun!!
dEnisE + AngiE
McD.:We're Loving it:.
wasSup Doc : My life helps paint my neighbour's picture of God:):):)


lynnx01 said...

Thanks for posting up the photos. Make me feel a bit happier looking at it once more.

shaz said...

-the greatest command of all is love.


so nice la. i love looking at happy pics. esp camps like that. hehe

*jeSSicA* said...

i saw one familiar face (besides u la). lynn xuan. haha!

s said...

Ur Poi fren very the cute=]

GEOFFREY said...

Haha... Check out Pei in the last pic... Everyone is doing the Golden Arch EXCEPT for Pei... Who looks more like a chimpanzee scratching her head... HAHAHA!

Ang3 said...

>Geoff: how dare u say that??!!wait ah pei found out she'll sure feel 'kena DO' again..muahahah

>S: yup he is super duper very CUTE!!

>Shaz: pics always looked HAPPY..Haih, i miss the camp d...

>LynnXuan: totally agree with u, looking at this pics makes me feel very happy!

Anonymous said...

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