Thursday, April 26, 2007

KNT(kena tagged again)

SoweE cRz for the long due taggiE....i know i owed u 2 tags but i think i'll do the shorter one la har:)

ok, here it goes..
6 weIrdO things about AngeLene Teo Fungus

1) i hav dis obessive compusive disorder towards my Lecture NoTeS
- i cannot stand my notes hav extra stapler holes, which means once i remove the 1st stapler, i'll try my best to stapler it at the SAME n EXACT holes. If not, i'll get very FRUSTRATED and want to photocopy it AGAIN...Hehe. u'll be asking Y? it's becoz when i realised the foldings at the top of my notes is different, i just cant concentrate anymore.
-If my notes are crumpled, i will iron them! Muahaha...i think only Angelene will do this!!!

2) when i laugh too much, tears can be seen in my eyes...this always make the people around me to think i'm crying, but actually i am NOT. i'm just Abnormally Normal..Hehe!

3)I LOVE balloOns..Any type any shape any color ANYTIME!!:)
-still remember once when i was in Endah Parade n saw a clown giving out ballOons to the children there. Unconsciously, i, as an ADULT went with a child heart and queue up to get my very own balLoOn. Friends were laughing at me because i'm the TallEst n oldest among the small kids but still i insisted to get mine!*even the clown was surprised to see m3*

4)A vErY Sentimental person i AM
-i LOVE to keep short messages written by my friends. Althought they are just writing on a tissue paper/ rough paper, i still feel it's very meaniful. I really keep all of them! As some of u might have already known, i am stil keeping the birthday cake box with all ur msges on it..I think that it's one in a biLlion and there wont be the second box for me!

5)i tend to built relationship with the stationary i'm using..*not talking to them of coz*
-apparently, i hav deep feelings towards all the pens, highlighters, eraser, rulers and pencils i used. If i happened to loose one of them, i'll search high and low for them eventhough it requires me to run up and down the stairs. i cant tahan the feelings of loosing things! Besides, i have no heart to throw them away although the inks are gone because they hav been serving faithfully to me and it's such a cruel action to throw them into the dustbin. That's why i'm accummulating rubbish at home!!

6)Finally, Angelene loveS to SmiLE!:):):) i can laugh non-stop over small little tiny itsy witsy's supposed to be GooD but i'm worried the people will think this girl is crazy or mentally ill! I'm NOT NOT..i'm 100% normal. Actually i just want to bring joy and happiness to the people around me as i believe a smile can light a person's day up HIGH!! So my dear friends, please tell me am i wrong??

wasSup Doc : Judge me as u like, the verdict is YOURS!


daniel said...

hey you're uniquely and wonderfully made by the Lord :)

Your_fan said...

Wassup doc?
it supposed to be:

Judge me all u want, but keep the verdict to yourself :)


eeleen said...

ahahaa! i'll try to add more rubbish to your house! :P u know what...u really sound like me..just that i don't keep so much rubbish :P hehe.