Sunday, February 04, 2007

I'm back home....

After 5 long months of waiting, finally i got a chance to fly back home to my lovey dovey house in Kelantan....Though i'm staying with my dear brother in KL, i still prefer to come back this small town where everything is accesible easily compared to KL where i have to take public transport which took me hours to reach my destination. By the time i'm home, i'll be dog-tired!

Hah, it's so nice to be home. Meals are prepared and i need not hunt for them like i always do in vista, clothes are washed, house is always clean and the most important thing is that i'm sent to the doorstep of your destination without me wasting time taking the public transport....By the way, Kelantan doesn't have KTM!So no worries la... :]

Nothing much to do in Kelantan anyway. No big malls, no cinemas. All my fellow friends don't have holidays currently. Seems like i come back at the wrong time d....Nevermind, i can still manja with my daddy and mummy!:P Oops, my dad is in Turkey now, hopefully he buys something nice for me lar......*fingers cross*

Chaoz *dengan coolnya*..Hmm, it's just a random post!

p/s: Denise, please be patient..i still remember the mission i need to accomplish for u..Hehe!

waSsup Doc : K-E-L-A-N-T-A-N......a small town with sweet memories :)


denise said...

Agent Angelene, i have entrusted you with a very important mission. Do not fail me.


haha take ur time ler

huang said...

then hor....
will u b around durin new year? guess u won, normal la tuh... haha