Sunday, January 07, 2007

We are the Champion..

The Lemon Geng

Had a great time with my KB friends ( Kimmie, Thong, K.Hong, Miao, Boon, Ghee, Wui and Han) yesterday in Midvalley. We played bowling and Photo Hunt! It has a been a very long time i never meet them up due to the hectic schedule in IMU. So right after the paper, i called Kimmie up and arranged a meeting...Hmm, why we called ourselves the Lemon Geng( Kelate Slang)? I myself also dunno y. I think it was our Settle King-Ah Thong's idea. U kno la, once the King says one we dare not say two...Muahahah! So, we are the Lemonades....:)

Kimmie on a Mission...Cool-nyer!

We are the Champion of Photo Hunt!!!

wasSup Doc : We have conquered Photo Hunt..Muahahahahah!!! Currently havin a huge crush with this game. Thanks to Pei who 1st introduced it to the Naboobians in Endah Parade...Photo Hunt is Fun Fun FUN!!!Feel like moving the whole machine back home...crazy, right?? It's so angelene-ness....^_^


pei said...

wwah..u all really owning wei!!! i play so many times also cannot get in to hall of fame wan...

*jeSSicA* said...

wat game? i also want to play!!

姐 said...

ha ha ha ha, ANGELENism=)

Why lemon??

shaz said...

ange.. tell them i miss every one of them!!!