Friday, January 19, 2007

My KKB....:)

Hello peeps! Finally i have TIME to post bout my marvellous experience in Kuala Kubu Bharu(KKB). It was supposed to be a hospital attachment thingy which exposed us to the reality of becoming a future doctor. However, for my group, it was rather a holiday! To be honest, before i left, i double checked the list of people going in my group. I was really surprised when i realised the only person i am close to is ah Pei... for the's just a 'hi' and 'bye' thingy. So, i felt more depressed when i knew i have to spend the weekend there some more! Gosh, how am i going to survive in such an 'ulu' place for 5 days?? No way for the noisy + hyperactive ANGELENE....but wat to do, i still have to drag myself there.

Surprisingly, it wasn't wat i have expected earlier. True enough, the people in Group B was the BEST!! Now i believe, there must be a purpose that God has put me in this group. He wants me to increase my friends list and spread the love to others. The relationship we bonded here was great. I got to know more about my batchmates whom i never talked to since Sem 1 started.

Introducing my roomates, the motherly Pui Fun, caring Sue Wen, crazy Lydia, thoughtful Valene, talkative Shin Ann and junk lover ah Pei! They are great people that you must know. Our dome was always filled with joyful laughters. Most interesting of all, we played MAHJONG! Can u imagine that? We actually brought 2 sets of mahjong. Thanks to Lydia and Sue Wen. I went KKB as a mahjong illiterate but returned home as a mahjong genius. Besides that, we played the most cruel game-MAFIA every night!! Some might find this game boring, but for all of us this group, we found it very challenging and just couldn't resist of playing it again and again till midnight!

Ok, what we did for our 2 days weekend then?...A big hug to MIN who has put in a lot of effort to arrange transport for us to go Fraser's Hill which is just nearby KKB. The weather was cooling and refreshing. Though the scenery there is not very picturesque, no theme park like Genting, we still had a great time coz the people that went who made the whole trip meanigful and worthwhile! We snap lots of pictures and went for HORSE RIDING....!
Then on Sunday, the adventurous William, Raymond and Aditya brought us to the legendary waterfall in KKB. Luck was at our side because the way there was not easy. We were so fortunate to find it without any instructions from the locals. Again, we, posers snap lots of pics with a thought of showing off to other groups that we managed to find the waterfall! As usual, the 3 monkeys decided to do some impressive actions- diving into the waterfall with different stunts! It was a great performance though, but not when William splashed his face on the water. Ouch.....!!!
On the final day, all of us headed towards the ice-cream + waffle shop to hunt for the waffle coz lots of seniors has told us that the waffle here is heavenly. So, as a 'happening' group, we wouldn't want to miss out the good things in KKB. Right after our morning session, we rushed there and tasted it!HMmmm, YUMMILICOUS!! :)
The best thing staying in KKB is that the food here is dirt cheap and delicious! We had most our dinners at Restaurant 98 where we ordered 4 dishes like fish, chicken, vegetable and tofu. Each of us had to pay only RM 7-8. I dun think you can get such a price in KL!Oh, finally, biggie thanks to Ah Pei who had willingly drive us around KKB. Without U, we will be walking endlessly in KKB.

In a nutshell, Group B ROCKS!! Luckily i didn't change my group. The feeling of experiencing new people is wonderful. What is the point of sticking to the same group of people always? It's time to spread out your wings and fly. Have a look at the pictures!

Before i stop, i must tell you guys bout the delivery process we witnessed on the final day. From the first day we stepped into the hospital, all of us were anticipating to witness at least a delivery process but our dream never came true until the LAST day. We thought we were lucky, but NO, it wasn't a good experience cause the FIRST delivery i saw has actually traumatised me and deterred me to give birth. This lady had some complications when she was trying to give birth. She pushed hard but the baby just couldn't come out! Nurses there were making fun infront of her, teasing her in thought might provoke her to push harder! But she just couldn't make it. Blood oozing from her vagina, the amniotic sac was burst and the baby was still at stake! After half and hour of struggling, the nurses decided to refer her to the nearby hospital. Stunned and speechless...but nothing i could do!:(

wasSup Doc : Coming together is a BEGINNING; keeping together is PROGRESS; working together is SUCCESS...


adeLENE said...

the food looked yummmmmy.

Y no pics playing mahjong? sure u know how to play LIKE A PRO?

Anonymous said...

Gosh, since when my angelic gal pick up the not so nice line of calling her friends “monkeys”? Hope ur friends aren’t offended though! Thank God all of you returned home safely. Visiting waterfall at this time of the year, you have thrown your safety precautions out to the wind! Pls don’t do it anymore

*jeSSicA* said...

Gosh, the pics of the food made me hungry! And seriously, calling yourself a 'mahjong genius'? si bo? =P

u guys really like holiday-ing la...should be going for hospital attachment but it turned out to be a fun trip instead! some more go to fraser's hill..haha..and the game mafia, very nice to play la..the first time i played it with my frens, we played a few rounds and i was always the about killing ppl =P

wow, horse riding...i love horses! but don't have chance to ride one. i pity the horse which took the pic with u guys...u all looked so happy and excited but it looked so...'forced to take together'..haha! but it's lucky to be in the pic, right?

Ang3 said...

>Adelene: The food is really good!Hehe, i'm not very pro in Mahjong la. Still a new baby in this game..

>Anonymous: Lesson learned. It's true, visiting waterfall this time is not safe. Even the locals advised us not to go. But we all stubborn,still wanna go. Luckily nothing bad happened. If not, IMU sure hate our batch(M106
) more!!

>Jess:Nope, still cannot call myself a mahjong genius la actually.Just trying to exaggerate it..haha!Anyway, all of us really enjoy our trip!:P. To be honest, pity this horse coz this horse is the only one they have. And it had to go more than 10 rounds i think because all of us wanna ride!'Kelian'

Aditya said...

haha!! lol angeline is till she can call us monkeys.. after all she is a mummy.. haha!! u dint put mine urs and raymonds pic