Monday, January 01, 2007

Post Christmas!Hepi new yr!

HapPIe NeW Year 2007!!

I'm Vista! T_T. Argh...Dun like to stay here especially after my parents left today. 1 week in Seremban was great! Went shopping with my dear mummy, 'manja'ing with my papa, ate luxurious food, long hours of TV sessions with my family and non-stop crappy talk with my younger brother......Holidays are always the time we look forward to, but NOT when there is a CVS exam right after the holidays....MISERABLE!! It means you have to use the holidays wisely to STUDY which i didn't. So currently kinda stress up and try my best to catch up with the lecture notes!!! When my mummy called just now, she said "Ange, Jia you Jia you, Gambate nah!" She knew i'm very stress up and dare not give me any pressure. She just want me to do my best!The endless support she gave make me feel so bad. Tears were in my eyes when she put down the phone....It's normal everytime i listen to her voice through phone....Feel like hugging her everytime we ended a conversation but she is just too far away from me..Same to my dad, he will manja with me although when we are chatting through phone. He is so cute....Before every exam, he'll just send me short message to encourage me, telling me no matter wat is the result, it's ok.

Papa and Mummy, thanks for being such great parents! I love ya....

waSsup Doc: For those who are still staying at home with your parents.Appreciate it! I can only hug my parents every few months when they visit me.....T_T Like wat Denise mentioned,a hug is free and environment friendly...


Anonymous said...

such a touching post!!

happy new year to you dearie :) god bless!


Tungsten said...

Parents tend to take their children for granted when they growing up.They only miss those precious moments only when they are gone.And when we do meet, briefly,time seem to go by so quickly and the next moment we are back alone with just our memories.The lonely days and nights cannot fill the void when the children are not with us.we miss the laughter and the noise that filled the corners of the house and wait patiently for our next union.We miss you all, Darren, Adelene, Gary and our Ange.
Love From mum and Dad.