Friday, September 22, 2006

The Queen of the house is gone......

Wondering who is this Queen in my house??She is the woman with a charming smile!She has the most authority at home and of cause she is the most up to fashion gal at home. This queen is my dearest sister-Adelene!She left KL to UK yesterday night. The feelings was miserable because i am too attached and close to her. She knows me from inside out. From the very top secret to the itsy witsy tiny stuff. So when she stepped into the departure hall, tears started to roll down from my eyes....She is no longer around to keep me accountable and advice me in whatever i do.To be honest, i was crying hysterically when we had the last dinner together 3 days ago. My family members said i was too EMO,but how can i not??Throughout the 19 years, she is always there for me when i needed her most, she will drop me sweet messages when i was down, she is there to tell me what colour suits me well and she is there to hear all my complains and troubles. She is my pillar of support...Thank God for having her in my life.....Hopefully, she will have a great time there n finish her degree as a Lawyer later...Aja Aja fighting,U Know!!

=The Queen & M3=
p/s:A big thanks to Denise n Li Shan for comforting me after the great LoSe......:(

wasSup Doc : U're the one i depended on most, now it's time to let U go......Da je, love ya!


shaz said...

sigh, reading this, i dono why, tears start welling up in my eyes! i've read one too many of ppl departing for further studies and so. all so touching & some so dramatic :))

well i wish the best to adelene!
although i may not know her well, i can "see" her through her friends. it's like ppl's living Her in their lives.. LOL!
she gives me a VERYYY good impression of a sis, a friend, a mentor :)

AND i'm not kidding! u're very blessed to have her dear angel. right? heee :)

*jeSSicA* said... too la...

Ang3 said...

yea....indeed it's a blessing to have her.thanks for ur comfort dear sharon....

huang said...

i miss my Daje, too.
altho i had been her neighbour 4 only 2 sem. but then i had seen all her happy, sad, cheeky, notty, frust, cute faces. sometimes she can lost for few days then appear again. but now i cant see her anymore, she is really thousands millions miles apart. tat day i was nearly 2 burst out my tears when she hugged me!!!

no more joggin 2gether. bath, gossip ('salty & the bf', 'seremban bad-ass'), sleep in the same bed, view ppl's frenster & gossip.....etc
no1 come in my room & kacau me anymore.
no1 teman me 2 laugh till the whole block can hear.
no1 SS infront of me.
no more see her at sidewalk.
everythin juz without her, U-know!

i wish she reads ur blog cuz she told me tat she dun view ur blog, it's a taboo. if she comes across ur blog, i hope she knows how much i miss her.

Ang3 said...

Huang...Indeed her presence makes a big difference in our lives.
I really really feel the emptiness when she's not around.Just imagine i have been so attached to her since i was small..
Really hope she'll read all these and realised we miss her dearly.

大姐 said...

to Jay..
oh gosh mum and dad msged me in frenster to *inform me u've miss me awfully lot..
i m doin gr8 here la, bro's fren is really good 2me- brought me 2church, toured me around New Cas..
Classes started 2day, dunno wat da lecs tokkin, i borrowed sum books 2read later tho..haha, which is so unusual kan?

nway, BE STRONG gal(when i m not around..)
Do consult mum, bro, aunty if u need a listening ear.
i m still fixing my skype, u know i m a comp illiterate:)
We will speak then when its fixed!

to huang..
hey dearie, i m so touched la u came to sent me off.
NOW ony i realised my *position in ur heart.
hehehe, dun be sad tho after i left.. u still hv ah-wong-fing to speak ah-wong language wf u yah..
thanks 4 da ear protector tho, it really helps alot. New cas is so cold!!! arghhh can somebody gimme a electric blanket puh-leese haha! jk
Miss u lot (esp during dinner time when i hv to force myself to eat wat i cook whc most of the time r UNedible..)
anyway, keep in touch on9 k. feel kinda weird since u r no longer my neighbour anymore...*sobs*

p/s:i alwez curi tengok my sis's blog le haha, tho its a taboo, muax

to Shaz, Jes, Denise and Li Shan,
thanks 4 offering comfort & love to my dearest sis when i'm not around. thanks alot gals!

Till then, dun stop lovin' me people:P

huang said...

phew week!! ur parents rock gong. know how 2 use frenster. or they hav own account. come on give me if got. wahaha.....

comp illiterate : seriously this person dunno anythin. teach few times oso cannot. she types the speed like my dad. wahaha.... some more when ppl teach she din pay attention1. geramnya sometimes. anyhow, she still cute altho tall like tree. haha good kan my description. always. she said wanna fix the skype since last sem ! ! ! the ear protector is from Fong & Huang*

ange: see, all sis r like this. mine oso. alway curi curi & try best 2 get our latest action. then everythin must tell them 1st. or else if they get 2 know from anyhwere sure ask ' y u neva tell me ah?' Daje, sometimes ask me like tat oso. haha. anyway i juz luv tellin my sis everythin. the safest ppl 2 tell kan? btw, u should create 1 chat box / msg board. easier 2 drop msg. hehe. my suggestion laa.