Thursday, April 26, 2012

I can SHOCK u now:)

After a month of preparations...*kononnya, supposed to read the manual from front to back to front! because we have 120 TRUE and FALSE questions to answer*

2 FULL DAYS of intensive course on Advanced Life Support.
Lectures + Multiple practical sessions of 'SHOCK you and SHOCK you and...'
Varies ECGs to interpret. Tachy? Brady? Cardioversion? Pacing? Drugs! Chest compressions! Secure airways!! INTUBATE laaaa.....
Worked HARD dong dong...Adrenaline rush like mad for the last two days.
To think that the whole course cost 375 pound, u just don't want to waste it just like that, right!

I am finally FULLY Qualified to deliver a shock!
* whether it is a good thing or not? Hah...i tak tahu*
I guess when the cardiac arrest crash call bleep goes off, I will still have the palpitations :S

But at least this course has trained me to be more competent!
To take full control of a cardiac arrest event..
To know when to shock and not to shock.
To perform GOOD QUALITY chest compressions
TO SAVE LIVES..the main aim!:)

Thank GOD!

wasSup Doc: Sing above the storms of life, sing through the darkest night.
Jesus saves

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