Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Bye bye Medicine! Hello Surgery! :)

It has been a good 4 months of MIA.... thanks to MEDICINE job.
After paeds, I was posted to Elderly Care Medicine. A posting I much looked forward to when I first started, but now, am relieved it's OVER.

MEDICINE job, is the MOST challenging job EVER. It is so demanding and stressful. The patient will go OFF anytime. And U, being the medical team, just have to be PREPARED. I had my worst medical ward on call. That was the time, u feel like throwing your bleep into the toilet bowl and flush it away. Just within 15 mins, it can go off like...?4-5 times..How dreadful it was!

Tears + Blood + Sweat = HARD. But thank God, for His strength, that I managed to pull through and passed this posting allright. To be honest, this posting is where I learned most as a doctor. The different presentations of sick patients triggered my brain cells to think and re-evaluate if my management plan was appropriate! *i have one SHO who is very capable, i felt so stupid in front of her everytime i make silly mistakes* But just working along with her inspired me to want to be better each day!

Allright, let's talk about the ward I worked in...LOWTON WARD. A place famous for their rude nurses! And yes, I as stucked there for 4 months. The first impression people gives to this ward - TERRIBLE HORRIBLE DEPRESSING ward! Yes, it was tough for me personally because I have to face them EVERYDAY! But, after these 4 months of TLC towards them, they are VERY LOVING people afterall:) :) :)
My little private desk that I worked on everyday!

Lisa.. She is an auxillary nurse whom looked after me MOST. She called me 'Angelina Ballerina' or sometimes, the ASIAN DOLL! Lol..but she is very very sensitive. I remembered vividly there was once when I was scolded by a patient's family for not arranging a scan on time. She came up to me and gave me a BIG HUG and kissed my forehead, telling me that ' DO NOT LET anybody talk to you like that next time k!' Her cheerful presence made Lowton ward so lifely!Sister Barb + Lisa! :D

Sister Barb..she never smile when I first saw her 4 months ago. She has this very stern and strict look! Days, months passed and to my surprise, her lovely smile one day led me to squeeze her arm! and hahaha...since then she treated me QUITE NICE:) *there was once she pulled me aside and asked me not to go too close to this old gentleman because he sezually assaulted a nurse in the ward! Her gentle advise of 'I just want you to be careful' melted my heart:D

Helen..this beloved, my favourite nurse of all is the STAR! She is like a doctor dy. Sometimes, when I am stucked and literally dunno wat to do for the patient, she will advise me and calm me down, guided me and explained what is best for the patient, because she is already so experienced! She is the most efficient nurse as well, her neat-ness in reminding us, doctors to prescribe medications and fluids on her little post-it colourful pads just make me job in Lowton so much easier:D She gave me a tourniquet today as a farewell gift. To you whom dunno what tourniquet is, it is a rubber band thingy that we used when we take bloods and it is PRECIOUS in the hospital! Lol...The other thing that is precios in Hospital is..BLACK PEN because NHS is not cutting budget on stationary and so NO FREE PEN anymore, but we have to write write and write ALL THE TIME!Danieele, Sue, Karen, Brenda

Karen and Sue...the MOST gentle people in Lowton. They will greet me ' Good morning' everytime I walk into the ward. What a nice feeling, right :) My day surely starts off cheerful with such lovely greetings :)

Brenda..She is a coffee/tea lady. Met her in the restroom one day. I introduced myself to her and vice versa. I told her I'm from Malaysia and we started chitchatting. Then I overheard her conversation with another friend that her son is going to see a dentist soon. And I desperately wanted to see a dentist for a check up. So I asked her for advice as in where can I find one emergency dentist? Hah, she didn't really know, but she went ALL OUT to search for me. She called up the different departments and after 3 days, she literally came back with a list of contact numbers that I can call for appointment! I'm truly touched by what she did. Since then, her kindness of offering me coffee/tea when she pushed the trolley around the ward just made me feel so loved!

The list goes on and on...a lot of the nurses' minute action/words literally has made LOWTON WARD a better place to be. One of them will always offer me orang juice knowing that I dun like to drink hot drink in the congested ward. And when I'm on call, another lovely nurse will wrap up some patient's sandwiches for me, so that I can eat on a GO. Another younger nurse will put on a sunshine smile when she sees me walking into the ward....

Yes, no doubt, there were times that I was annoyed and frustrated with them being very demanding, but the majority of the period when I was there, I truly enjoyed it. It felt like my hiding place from the hustle and bustle hospital life out there.

I am sure all of us are special in our ways and as long as we put some effort to know them, they are actually very nice people to hang out with! I LOVE THEM TO BITS!
I will surely miss these people shouting 'ANGELINA BALLERINA' in the ward.
and so, since I love them so much, teehee..bought some snacks for them as a token of appreciation for all the love and care they showered upon me.
Why Food? Because they constsantly need to boost their energy at work:]

FAREWELL to Medicine.
Hello Surgery!
Am going breast surgery, next!

waSsUp Doc: Second posting OVER. MOVING on 3rd posting loo.
By God's grace, am STILL alive!

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