Sunday, July 03, 2011

Moving project to Wigan!

Many should have known by now that yes, Angie is moving to WIGAN for my FY1 work. Jobs starting on the 18th of July for 2 weeks of shadowing and officially as a FY1 doctor on the 1st of August! Fear? yes I do. Kancheong? Definitely..but I shall stand still with God, because He has been faithful so far and I am 100% He will continue be..Let me share my recent encounter with God bout my moving to WIGAN! ;) He is one GOOD God, I shall PROCLAIM that AGAIN!

30th June 2011:
I got my keys to my little flat in Wigan. Signed my contract and a much relieved status after knowing I FINALLY SECURE A PLACE:) That night was the 1st night I slept in my a sleeping bag on the floor..Hehe..not too bad, because the whole house is well insulated, so basically..not very cold and it was a peaceful night...

WHY did I choose to camp in my flat? It was because I needed to wait for the mattresses and also bed frames to arrive on the second day. I was told they can come anytime between 8am to 6pm. So I didn't want to take the early train the second day and thus I resorted to 'camping' :)
My lunch in the empty flat......just God and me.

1st July 2011:
Woke up feeling slight back ache, but it's ok, just the normal pain sleeping on floor I guess. Packed up, and had my breakfast. The wait began. 10.05am...'dingdong!' There come my stuff, I thought, woohoo....they're quite early! Happy was me because I wanted to go back earlier to catch Transformers with my fellow churchmates!

The man delivered my matrresses ONLY..WHERE is my bed frame? Little did I know, they actually come from different supplier and thus, another person should be delivering it for me.
Allright...the wait continued...
1, 2, 3, 4, 5..few hours passed signs of any man delivering it...up to 9 hours..5pm! I was anxious..tried calling the company to check whereabout my frame were..NOPE, couldnt get through. Tried emailing them and complained bout it...NOPE, no reply...TRIED tracking down the status of my ordered products via internet..NOPE, number given was to a communication company instead..I tried everything and all was in vain!

Frustrated as I was....I could do nothing..deep in my heart, there was a warfare between God and myself. WHY..I asked?! You have brought me this far and WHY I still need to go through such....nvm. 30 more minutes to deadline of the day! The DEVIL IS TRYING to KILL, STEAL and DESTROY! Then I decided, calmed down, hold myself together, uttered a prayer to God. 'Lord, I have tried ALL MEANS, and if THIS is your will..HELP ME PLEASE..SOS!
15 mins passed....
MY PHONE RANG! 'Hi Miss Teo, I am so and so calling from BedRoomWorld!' Viola..thats where I ordered my STUFF! She read my email regarding changing of mattress size (we ordered 2 queen size bed initially, but later found out that the 2nd room fits a single better, so had to made last minute changes before it was delivered) and thus gave me a call...Immediately I asked her regarding my bed frames! Phew..God sent indeed, she recognised the problem and has arranged another delivery on Tuesday for me, esp sizes of the beds were all sorted as well.

Despite the almost 10 hours least a problem has been solved by God's grace..He is still IN CONTROL! Patience is one fruit of the spirit and I shall embrace that fruit:) Let's just hope coming Tuesday will be a good and FAST day!

But many thanks to FRIENDS all over the world who were constantly me comforting me throughout the wait.
You know who you are:)
Friend A: Prayers can move cheerful babe!
Friend B: God has a purpose for all these to has it's own outcome. I'm just here to remind you because you once told me so.
Friend C: If things had to happen that way, they had to...
At least I was kept occupied slightly.

Now come another testimony of God's provision for my SOFA! Indeed when we said Jesus is Jehovah Jireh..HE WILL PROVIDE!
I have been searching for furniture for DAYS coz i really dun wanna spend money on furniture, knowing ppl are giving out for free. plus we are not going to stay there for long. One day after another, i made enquiries, online search(gumtree-second hand shops) and all...but all in vain, still quite pricey i tot.
Last Sunday morning, before i went to church,i became more stress and upset, i actually really wanted sofa.I made like 3-4 enquiries bout it, but nobody reply in the freecycle website. then Aunt Pei Ching(a friend of mine from church) called and told me 2 days ago, that she has given her sofa away lagi heart pain....but my devotions reminded me that very morning 'cast your anxiety on Him, because He cares...then off i went to church.

Then came this guy called Martin, a friend from SF .He has moved to manchester recently and bought a place..Helen told me he has few coffee tables to give I asked if I can get one from him and he said yes..ok...GOOD, coffee table...DONE! Then as we chatted n chatted..he randomly asked...hey Angie, by any chance do u wan sofa as well?! *my jaw dropped* Are u seriously giving away your SOFA??! Do you know that's WAT I WANTED SO EAGERLY ages ago!! I wan THE sofa...and oh my..God has answered my prayerS instantly!!! I was such happy bunny that time!
Spot my nais big IKEA's really stylo and bouncy! And I'm little flat LURVEs it because ANGIE has been greatly blessed by it :))) THANKiEs MARTIN!!!but moving it into my place wasn't an easy job. Due to the spiral staircase, the guys did struggled a bit..'turn to right, move one step, WATCH OUT THE WALL and LIGHTS!' It was hilarious but finally made it way to the ultimate destination:) These guys are just AWESOME

Not only that, God sent Uncle Wing Kwan and friends to help my moving yesterday! Not done yet, but at least, the SOFA and COFFEE TABLE are sorted...Their DOING the EXTRA MILE for us....very very touched!
::This is L.O.V.E::

Your acts of service...much appreciated!

There is still another major MOVING PROJECT when Lily is back! Then our little flat should be ready before our work starts...
Ly..faster come back and join the fun k!

I shall not give up as yet..because God hasn't say..STOP ANGIE;)

wasSup Doc:
The shortest distance between a problem and a solution is the distance between your knees and the floor. The one who kneels to the Lord can stand up to anything.

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and yes, i am gathering all my energy for the major moving project! can't wait to see you babe xx