Saturday, August 06, 2011

I'm DONE for now:)

ANNOUNCEMENT: I AM DONE for UNDERGRADUATE!!!! WheeeEE:) has been ages since I update my beloved blog :)
Was uber busy with moving (FINALLY OFFICIALLY a WIGAN resident!), settling in this new environement, not to mention my work in the hospital...phew..TGIF! Survived first week in the ward and now, am lazy-ing at home after work, updating my abandoned blog!

Parents were here and I must MUST emphasize it was the BEST TIME I had throughout these 3 years in UK! There is no better place other than when being with family members! Cried like a baby when they left after their 3 weeks here to help me settle in. They are the BEST parents anyone could ask for...The many times they drove up and down from Manchester to Wigan, just to help me move stuff, the nights when they cooked yummy breakfast and dinner before and after my work and even helping me to assemble my beds/table and unpacking my stuff while am away for work..the list could go on and on...I HAVE THE BEST PARENTS IN THE WORLD!
The MANY things...that belongs to me..AS USUAL :P
Of course they are all well sorted and arranged home is REALLY nice, but nope, I shall post them up later..:)

Graduation was smacked in between my shadowing week as well. Long and tiring day for us but it was THE day for me indeed. Had so much fun on that special day..20.7.2011..I will always remember you~...5.5years....FINALLY all hardwork was paid OFF! What a relief for my parents too....Having said that, I question myself again...again, it was the sacrifice and love from my parents who has made THIS DAY possible! Without them, I am no where near where I am now.WE, went through thick and thin. There we are here..GRADUATED finally:)
my lovely family in Christ from Manchester..came all the way to bless us:) AWESOME, aren't they:)3 years ago, I had my half way graduation in Malaysia..*i was soo thin that time, geram!* 3 years later...put on a chubby face but yessss...I can finally put on a mokhtar board:)

After 5.5 years..I made it finally.
It was stressful, It was difficult and there were times I just want to give.
But my dad and mum have been so supportive all the way.
God was faithful in the end~

Am currently working in a Paediatrics ward.
Survived the first week in the postnatal ward, doing baby checks.
Some were healthy, some were not.
Cuddling sick babies in my hands was not a good feeling at all:(
Their frail and small frames made me want to hold them tighter
As they shivered and slept on my arms, I uttered a prayer, that God will heal them up quick so that they are able to embrace the colourful world out there, just like other kids are doing.

wasSup Doc: I'm reminded again that I AM a servant of GOD first, and second as a doctor.


KidsDreamWork said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! Finally all the hard work pays off yeah :)

Denise said...


Ang3 said...

>KidSDreamWork: Thankies loo:) Indeed all hard work paid off..not another phase of life..HARDER jobs..Lol..

>Den: Thanks babe...will upload more when free k..WORK is so tiring! U better enjoy to the max b4 urs starts :)

Huey Shann said...

:) this reminds me of the time my whole family was here, miss those days....

so happy for you! :) :)

Ang3 said...

>Shann: thankies my dear. Indeed, it was a good time when parents around. :)

Shon said...

Wow, you are the best! my honest congratulations! Wish you all the best in future!

Shon said...

Wow, you are the best! my honest congratulations! Wish you all the best in future!