Friday, June 24, 2011

My Up and About :D

Praise the LORD...Hallelujah~
Finally my main worry i.e my accomodation in Wigan is all sorted now!
Signed the contract 2 days ago and official moving in date is set...30th June!!!
Cant wait to move in and settle down's been a constant stress, taking train to and fro Wigan just for houses viewing and so much uncertainties along the way...i am exhausted, but that has come to past now..because I HAVE FOUND A NICE AND COMFY PLACE in WIGAN! *beams*

All glory to my ALL MIGHTY God because initially, my plan was to get this accomodation sorted before I leave for Italy, which was end of May. Then I need not worry bout it during my trip and when I come back, I could just start moving in slowly and get some furniture for my new place (note: it's unfurnished)

However, things didnt go quite well as I wanted it to be. While I was in Italy, I received calls from my agent that there were some problems regarding my application forms, they needed more evidence to prove that I am in UK for almost 3 years dy. Me being the super anxious typo immediately rang up my previous landlord to provide more evidence and tried to talk things through..but really thank God for friends in Italy who constantly prayed for me and even calmed me down, thinking how to write a gentle letter but still DEMANDING them to act FAST! was in Florence, I could still remember when we couldnt go out to jalan jalan because of the heavy downpour and was forced to stay in our room...but God's timing was just perfect..if we were out, then I wouldnt be able to settle it dy..but my phone bills rocketed for this month loo :'( !! Nvm least I got my accom DONE, finally!

Come to think about it..despite all the circumstances along the way..everything turned out well, in the sense that I managed to SKIP the June rental, which is what I wanted most because I'm currently still paying for my room in some money on that then!
God is ALWAYS ALWAYS in control...SLOWLY I can see, and SURELY He will act accordingly. Woah...My God is AWESOME laaa!!!

So yupsie...BIG THANKS to all of my dearest friends who have been constantly praying for me, really appreciate all prayers throughout these 3 months of house hunting. I am relieved:) And yes, do come for a visit in Wigan. Not a fantastic high class apartment, but it's comfy, with 2 very hospitable hosts:) I can guarantee that...confirmed plus chopped! (learned this phrase from the Singaporeans guys in Italy..Lol)So a sneak view outside our humble flat :)
*stay tuned for more pics, inside*
Visited Buxton with Christina the day before I left to Edinburgh:) Quite a scenic peaceful place!
Us, @ the Solomon's Temple! *just one random round building on the mountain..hehe*<3 from Buxton~

So, I'm currently busy with
1) Packing packing and more packing.
2) Furniture hunting..anybody who wants to giveaway any furniture, please contact me! I WANT!!!
3) PlanningS for my parents' grand arrival..YES, they're coming for my graduation soon..excited~
4) Diet Diet DIET..if only it works :( why is it so easy to put on weight but so difficult to lose weight ler...sigh.
5) God's BIG business!
6) S.T.U.D.Y and prepare myself to be a real Dr now...*quite nervous ey*
7) Bid Manchester goodbye..say Hello Wigan C:

wasSup Doc:
The time to be happy is now.
The place to be happy is here.
The way to be happy is to make others so.

*my aim in life now*

God's LOVE be shown!


ly said...

eh i super kancheong want to see inside the apartment lo! hehe! but can see very very soon! anyways, a BIG THANK YOU for finding the place in wigan! owe you big time for this! xx

Ang3 said...

Ly: Hahahaha....I hope u like our new place:) Dun worry, it's approved by our tailo, KF!!! So shud be okay..i hope I dun let you down though..

Huey Shann said...

Hello!! Good to hear that you've found a new place and is getting ready for your parents arrival, do send my regards to them :)

I just moved into a new apartment and I'm liking my new place :)

Miss you!