Wednesday, June 22, 2011

a DATE with the Mighty Lady

Just got back from Edinburgh, my favourite city in the whole United Kingdom!!!!
It's always fun filled + happy times there!

Spending quality time the mighty lady in Edinburgh is smth I look forward to almost every year because this gurl is just so inspirational and God fearing! A great sister in Christ whom I look up to all the time! It's my third time there and am lurving that place more and more.....I just stood in wonder again and again when I walked along the street.

Since this mighty lady is going back to Singapore for good, this trip to Edinburgh has been rather chilling and main aim was to spend more time with her because we might not see each other so often anymore:( There will be no more Edinburgh expedition when she leaves...but oh well, let it be a happy post k!
Ivy, my dearest Mighty Lady~
Having our pot of salad...this spelled..L.O.V.E!
Strolling along Princess Street, overseeing the majestic Castle across the street is pure joy!
EdinburgerS are really fun people to hang out with:)

We even went for bowling after church...random but fun filled time:)
Then on my final day, Wayne and Ivy decided that we should conduct a Walking Tour around Edinburgh for me. We brought our backpack and act like typical tourists exploring Edinburgh! Thanks to our tour guide: Wayne Lee, with his superb imagination and made-up backgrouns history about Edinburgh (err..he is from Glasgow aactually..hehe) Liking it~We visited the Castle
Stopped by the Princess Parkand even had our lunch at the TOURISTs WILL GO place for lunch- Mussel Inn:)

Big thanks to my beloved tour guides:) They are awesome!
You shall never walk alone:)

Going to miss the good time we shared in Edinburgh.
The relaxing walk along Princess Street
The early morning breakfast ( Bagel + Egg+ Tea + Fruits)
The late night sofa talks, prayers and sharings.

Best wishes to you and love u much, sister!
I shall see S'pore, maybe..hehe!

wasSup Doc:
"There is no distance too great between friends, for love gives wings to the heart."

So keep in touch despite the distance apart k, Ang Ang!

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