Monday, June 14, 2010

the many DateS:)

Sorry for the lacking of updates..Been a whee bit busy with work but, dun worry, all is in God's grace:) 100 notes came in last week and been busy looking thru for this week progression--Analysing the findings..which is...DIFFICULT wei:( Seeing my consultant tomorrow, hopefully it will turn out well...!instead of stacks of notes, they now come in trolley..FULL!
Keep me in prayer, so that my project will go smoothly.. :)
a DATE with hall mate:)

Mezida is her name. She is from Uthopia:) One of the most easy-going friend we met in Gabs. She would give us a big hug when we see her around the corridor:) Just before she left home, she offered to cook us a meal despite being in the midst of her exams! Tuna speghetti with vege:) *nyum*thank you, love for the meal!


and the subsequent events:)

a dinner date with Aunt SauNgor, my spiritual mummy in Manchester:) We baked Carrot cake together C:

and she cooked nice dinner for me:) TQ aunt.

Indeed blessed to have ppl like her from church. Felt so at home and loved eventhough home is thousand miles away.

and the cream date @ Moonlight!
*Licking ice cream in the cooly weather is the best*
Lunchie date with Nathan @ SundaySchool:)
If you have known me better, I always wanted to name my son Nathan! So met this cute lil boy boy named Nathan in SundaySchool last week. He was eating his sandwich, flshing off his new 'Cars' lunch box! And so i demanded this picture with him! I could rmb when Lily told him that I forgotten to bring my packed lunch, he came to my side and pat pat on my head..*awwwwWWw...*he even offered me his crisps! Such adorable boy he is.
Felt so bad for today, I went in late for SundaySchool and when i saw him, I said, 'Let's hv lunch together, coz i brought my packed lunch' But he has finished his lunch since I was late, and he added..'i waited so long but I didn't see you..' *heart melts*

it was Mission Weekend in church this week. MCCC invited Rev Dick Khaan to give us talks on Reaching out to the 2nd and 3rd Generations in Europe. He is born in Vietnam, grew up in Canada and now residing in Paris for missionary work! Such inspirational man he is, who emphasizes on Family concept. A man of great faith, of God's heart and passionate about His work! AM deeply encouraged by His sharing, to make a different, to reach out and to lay a firm foundation in Christ..May God bless His work in Paris :) and sunny is out..Good for BBQ! YaaAaa, had a BBQ date with SF-ers @ Uncle Lip's house. Pictures will be up when I got hold of them:) finally...Jambo! South Africa World Cup Fever~ !!!!

It's madness in UK! Watched my first match yesterday..USA vs England!

conclusion: still think Beckham is handsome~ Lol..random comment!

anyway, God remains faithful this week!

Many answered prayers :)

He is Soo real! Trust me..Ask and you will be given!

He works in mysterious ways, but definitely for our GOOD:)

Nudge me if you wan personal testimony about how real He has been..

I am more than happy to share with you about His goodness:)

wasSup Doc: When Christ's love grows in us, His love flows from us


ly said...

what is that green soup thing that aunty sau ngor made for you? looks like green bean soup!

Ang3 said...

It's VEGE soup...made from celery, carrot, onion, pepper and cabbage:)
then blend all together!

very nyum~

*jeSSicA* said...

i waited so long but i didn't see you....hahaha!

KidsDreamWork said...

The football bento is so cute! :)

Ang3 said...

>AiPing: awww..thanks:) It's WORLD CUP fever~ !

rObrak said...

The photos are very cool and also the lunch pack. And the tuna spaghetti that you had sounds new to me. I would love to try that. Oh by the way, you might like to try a new and high quality stainless steel container for your packed lunch. I believe that stainless steel containers are more perfect than any other plastic wares or plastic bags. Stainless steel tiffin containers are much safer, eco-friendly and convenient to use. Try it, you'll be beneficial to it. =)

Ang3 said...

>Robrak: Thanks for your comment. Indeed I would love to have one of those stainless steel container:) But me as student now, wont be able to afford one of those recommeneded ones. Thanks for sharing though,I'm sure I will benefit from it, but for the time being, I just have to make do with what I've got:) I thank God for plastic containers:)