Friday, June 18, 2010

British Themed Bento:)

This post, is written because I'm taking part in this British themed bento event organised by Bento Box:)
Since I do not grow up in the UK, my knowledge about the cartoon characters wil not be as impressive. Plus, with the limited skills and time I've got, I wont be able to decorate my bento box as beautiful as the others did!

So what I'm going to blog about, is the British packed lunch culture..that I noticed over the year of my study here! :) What we usually have back home in Malaysia for lunch are proper heavy meals! For instance:

Noodles with beefball soups:)

Rice with assorted vege and fish..a.k.a Nasi Kerabu in Malay!

but British, eats sandwiches for lunch! So the usual packed lunch will be as above. A set of sandwich, a pot of low fat Muller yoghurt, a piece of fruit, orange juice, a packet of crisps, a bar of chocolate and sometimes..Babybel(Brit's favourite cheese chunk)! and they're on the GOooOo..A small variety of everything..culture shock to me personally because I never had sandwiches for lunch back home, and a little of everything doesn't keep my full~ Not to mention they're cold food instead of hot warm bowl of rice/noodles that satisfy you tummy..oh wells,there you go, that's British for you:) I'm still learning to adapt to it:P

wasSup Doc: Different skin colours, different cultures, different languages, but God, the creator of heaven and earth loves us all equally:)


*jeSSicA* said...

u really eat a lot for lunch =P

good, next time i cant finish, i let u finish mine =D

Bento Box / Asfora said...

Thanks for participating in the British Theme Bento Event! Your lunch box reminded me of my old school days! Exactly spot on! Well done! :o)

Ang3 said...

>Jess: I didnt eat the whole thing of's noy my type of lunch:) I dun really pack as extensive as such!

>Asfora: Indeed that's the typical lunch the British have:) Thanks for organising such event! Hope u had great fun in UK:)