Monday, April 19, 2010

PoSt ExAmS:)

OoooolalalaLaaa...dancing with joy..just for a few days I'm afraid, but it's good enough :D!

OSCEs for the year..DONE! and my next OSCE will be next year..*let's not think about it now*! :)

By God's grace, some stations were expected and able to answer, but as usual, there were SURPRISES for us..stations like Fundoscopy to check the back of the eyes came out!!! And there were NOTHING about upper or lower limbs examinations when we did a 4 weeks of Neurology!! That's quite..ZhaDao! oh wells, they have their panel of examiners who set the questions. So me, no comment:P

but IN ALL, THANK YOU ALL who made an effort to sms me, to call me, to write me emails and most importantly to keep me in prayerS. These small acts of love of yours really encouraged me loads! One in a million you are:)

Wokay, back to my post exams JOY:) Though we didnt get to go anywhere OUT of Manchester, I guess that's allright, to just have a walk at the Market street without feeling guilt to rush home and study, to take our sweet time, eating lunch and dinner, and chill..GOD is good~ Phew, it's been a while since we last *breath* :)

Celebrated Joel's 21st @ Siam Orchid:) This lil boy is finally LEGAL:P God bless bro!

and his special birthday cake- Pork Ribs rice(Pai kuat fan)! His ALL TIME favourite, lunch/dinner:) *very creative indeed*


our 'OUTING'a very sunny day:) Sistas day!

see the beautiful flowers and shades and ladies! Spring is here~this is random! We had nowhere to go, so popped by this biggest Chinese Supermarket, where they sell LOADS of Chinese junkieS..a heaven for us! Window shopping for groceries?! aiyooO, we shud hv gone to Selfridges for perfume or clothings or shoes or handbags, right:P

Mummy~ this picture is specially taken for YOU:) I could still remember you were so excited to see those blooming flowers when we were in NewCastle for sis' graduation:) So yup, hope you love it! Angie sends lurve home~ thanks for the lovely 'cheer' over the phone before exams! It did make a difference:D

And some achievements, MOMSY!!! Must remember to show granny k:) She will be very very happy..Grand's steamed chicken:) It was really successful! Thanks to her recipe over the phone:) nyum~and charsiew!!! AWwwWw... this is funny! I was craving for pineapple recently and then spotted this WHOLE pineapple selling for only 49p!! So I bought, but never in my life cut a pineapple b4! But thanks to the instruction tag attched, I managed to slice them up nicely!! *pat my shoulder* Good job, right:)))now i can enjoy my yum yum pineapple..Lol!


SSC starting tomorrow. I'm placed at Tameside General Hospital this time for my district placement! Which means, another 1 and half hour of bus ride to work:'( but but, weather is much better now, so that's not TOO bad:) Will be doing A&E though, foreseeing some exciting rescue stuff coming and it's gonna be adrenaline rush+++! Heart cant wait for it, but body is weak...Lol! Sign of getting OLD, Angie!

Oh wellie well, shall update more soon k!

Am very encouraged by JaesonMa lately, his 365 days of love posts in his blog are very inspirational and we really must show more love to the people in this fallen world! We are ALL called to be HIS DISCIPLEs! Sharing our FAITH is ESSENTIAL!! FIX our eyes on the kingdom in heaven and not on this earth! Just want to SHOUT these out LOUD to remind myself and my beloved ppl around me!

Time is short, the second return of Christ is near..Be watchful! Be prepared!

Yes, He does give you real peace, despite all the storms you're going through...but are you accepting Him into your life?? He is knocking at the door of your heart.. Time is clicking, He is waiting..

wasSup Doc: Learning to let God do the healing, and me will do the forgiving...


*jeSSicA* said...

another ring! how come i never know u like wearing rings?

Ang3 said...

Yupppie..another ring:) nice??
I really LOVE to wear rings since ages ago laa! because of my long and slim fingers..:P:P
and since nobody buy me rings, i hav buy myself loo..aiyoo~

*jeSSicA* said...

u 趁机 wanna ss about ur LONG SLIM fingers hor! and also 趁机 hint hint ppl to buy whoever who reads ur comment =P SUPER SS LA U CANNOT TAHAN hahaha

Kev said...

am happily spamming ur blog! X)

thank you angelene, finally after of years of preaching to me, u've become something that have made me realize nothing is really that important. its a funny feeling. don't know how to say it. but thank you. all those years of words that you've given me ain't wasted. now i understand something. X) happy angelene?!

Ang3 said...

>Kev: After all these years..YEARS:) but it's worth it and that's the least I could do for you i guess...cheer up Kev! Have faith in HIm who has created you beautifully...:)