Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Happy Chinese Niu(牛) Year

Happy Chinese New Year peeps:)

It's the very first time for me to celebrate CNY away from home..no angpao, no bakgua, no yeesang, no almond cookies...hai..not even one day of holiday for this auspicious day.
Oh wells..but we had a GREAT reunion dinners with sumptuous meals!!
Saturday--with IMU seniors+SUPER SENIORS+SUPER SUPER SENIORS who already graduated and working as registrars! 3 tables of ex-Imu-nians @ Taiwu restaurant..Big group of us. But was really angry with them, they made us waited 1 and a half hour for their GRAND ARRIVAL..sigh..They didnt inform us that they changed the time! i didnt take pics with them tho. Only 4 of us, 3rd year who went..(Siti, Angie, Steph, Lily)..so hv to behave a bit in front of seniors, right?!
Lotus+Pork+Herbal soup..
(p/s to Steph's daddy: Steph asked me to put this pic up here so that you could see her very 1st soup in Manchester after 5 months here!!)

We had a 10 course dinner..ranging from king prawns, squid, braised pork, beef, taufu...
Steamed salty chicken, Thai cooked fish, vege, lamb and sweet n sour pork....fuyoh...1kg gained from this meal...

Sun--with church friends(student fellowship) @ Taipan restaurant...we waited for 2 hours for our food to be served. So many Chinese in Manchester ler...aiyoyoyoyo!!

It's a must to sit in a round table for reunion dinner right??!
Bored...waiting for our fOood!
So...snap snap snap time lor......smile:)

Finally...our food..caME! Just have a look at what we had...Again, it's a 9 course dinner! My parents were saying i'm eating much better food than they do back home..muakakka!

Tofu, lamb, DUCK, chicken

noodle + Rice with scallop, prawns and squid!

belacan Kangkung!!! Slurp!

Seafood!! Scallops, KING prawns, LOBSTER and not to forget Fish ..Another kg gained after this meal..now u tell me, how to loose weight?! haih...haih..haih..

Yam Seng!!

I killed the chicken:P


Steph joined us for dinner too:)

Guess wat is this?! (it's fish head bone..am amazed how Steph ate the head till so clean!)

Student Fellowship of MCCC:) My dear family in Manchester

Thanks to Julian, for blessing me with this tiny little vacuumed bakgua, all the way from Singapore!!

at least, get to eat...bakgua on CNY:)

Though it's CNY, we still have to go in hospital early morning, for case presentation:( but was cancelled in the end because only 2 students turned up! sigh...

and it's the 1st day of my attachment. Was given 'thyroid swelling' as my topic for this attachment.

Good start though, my tutor let me scrubbed-in and assisted him in a complete thyroidectomy today! Woohoo, it's my very first time and it's really exciting.. looking forward for more such opportunity throughout this 1 month attachment:)

wasSup Doc: In God's service, our greatest ability is our availability...I need to be ready all the time for this new journey He has planned for me:)


*jeSSicA* said...

happy CNY my dear =) tell u wat, i ate bakgua!! i asked my dad to buy for me that day after i chat with u on msn...haha~

Ang3 said...


*jeSSicA* said...

that was just to tell u that i thought of u when eating bakgua!! am i not kind? =P

Ang3 said...

>Jess: very kind indeed..muakakak..oh wells, i shal not complain, coz i have a tiny small piece of bakgua too..good enuff:)

JaCeLyN said...

happy chinese new year!! btw, go download or youtube this singapore hit series that just finished and watch it when you are free k... very nice but prepared to have tissue papers beside you... the show is called little nyonya... its about baba nyonya heritage =)

s@rah said...

muahahahaha jacelyn you watch it too???!! i just finished watching it today :p nice nice nice. always make me hungry over here.

Ang3 said...

>Jacelyn + Sarah: Happy New Year..Guess wat, my frens over here are all crazy over that show toO...i dare not start yet coz i know i wont be able to concentrate on other stuff...but no worries, will watch since it's a HIT..i wont wanna miss out anything GREAT:)