Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Christmas + Boxing Day

This was my Christmas celebration. I must say, Manchester was so quiet on Christmas Day. Guess all were happily celebrating happily with their love ones at home. Thanks to our church members, who accommodated us, the students who stayed back in Manchester during this break. If not, we had to eat maggie mee at home on Christmas Day, pathetic! There were a few open houses though, but i managed to go Uncle Lip's one only. After church service, Uncle Michael fetched us to his house, nice banglo:)

Uncle Lip, preparing food:) He is such a humble man, already a consultant in oncology. Also from Malaysia, graduated from Melbourne Uni but has been working in the UK for more than 10 years. Very nice and approachable leader. He is our SF facilitator. With his bubbly character, he is able to click well with the students:)

Students who stayed back during Christmas break.


Uncle Lip's wife cooked us green curry..wah..authentic Malaysian curry..yummy!

She even prepared us herbal chicken soup, each person one bowl, to keep us warm and...make our complexion nicer..that's wat she said:)Uncle Michael contributed...braised eggs!had games after the makan session. They were singing 'Titanic' in 'i'm a little tea pot' tune..funny!Picture time, at uncle Mike's place b4 going Lip's house.us, with uncle Lip's 3 princesses, Laura, Emma and Esther.

And night time, our hall warden, Alex, invited us to her house for Christmas dinner. And we were amazed by the amount of food she prepared.

let me list you some of the food: Salad, vegetarian pasta, chicken pasta, duck with stuffing, turkey, fried rice, chicken wings, samosa, fried mushroom, bread, garlic and rosemary potatoes, noodle, and so many more! even dessert itself, there are 5 different varieties, ranging from lumpy-bumpy cake, choc cake, almond cake and ice-cream cake!

the lumpy bumpy cake, specially ordered from the Internet!

we 3 sure had more than enuff..

the chef, Alex:) She prepared everything from scratch herself!

sumptuous meal..EVER!

And the 2nd day was Boxing Day, also means Shopping day..
woke up 630am to catch the earliest bus to Trafford Centre. Hoping to get some good deal!

Guess wat, we weren't the earliest. So many ppl were queueing outside Selfridges even b4 the gate open! 730am..this was the crowd! 1 word to describe the whole day..MADNESS!

forget about the credit crunch..ppl still shop like mad!and this is the best deal i got!
Sanrio Hello Kitty shoe.. selling for only 8 pounds. Original price was 40 pounds!
see the shimmering Hello Kitty at the side..Love at first sight!
It was meant for the kids, but i found my size..Smile!
That's about it for now..
wil b back asap.
wasSup doc:Belgium trip next!


*jeSSicA* said...

there's a sanrio hello kity shop in melbourne and i took a picture of it, was thinking of sending that pic to u that time but i forgot...haha

Ang3 said...

>Jess: i <3 hello kitty...send me the pics!