Monday, January 12, 2009


yup, the very first exam is coming up in one week time.
it's called...Winter Progress Test, 125 objective questions.
Students from Medic year 1 to year 5, sitting for the SAME paper.
Which means, IT'S NOT AN EASY PAPER!
Which means.....WE NEED TO BUCKLE UP NOWWWwwww....
We, the family, decided to start our study group since last Fri night.
Supposedly to meet up for dinner for pub food, which Lily has been cravings since last Tuesday, but due to some unforeseen circumstances, out big brothaa, KF turned up late and our pub food plan was 'crushed'! coz the pub only serve food till 8pm! And we(Lily and Angie) were already STARVING! Guess wat we ended up eating for our dinner....?
3 PizzaS and 8 pieces of chicken!! We're so FULL after the meal and decided to walk back our hall in the cold for 30 burn some calories and GUILT!

And after our meal...we started real studying and good news..we stayed up till 3am!

*clap hands*
and on Sat, Min decided to cook some nice meal for us again...gosh, it's such a blessing to have him around in Manchester, to bless us with Malaysian authentic curry chicken!AWESOME!

Sunday: After church, came home straight away, coz..WE NEED TO STUDY! DaJe(Steph) prepared us lunch and enthusiastically, off we went to group study in my room!

Pita bread with Tuna and Vege for lunch..Simple n nice!

BOOKS(Stressor) + Chocs(comfort food), good combination for exams!

the STRESS fellas..da je TER-tidur on the bed dyy! (which showed we really did serious stuff since noon till 11pm)

And who was the photographer..?

LILY CHAN...with the med student MUST HAVE book..

oh wells, love studying together!

Joke abit+study ALOT= GREAT outcome!

*good job* brother n sisters..give yourself a pat on your shoulder:)

and it snowed in Manchester last Tuesday morning..brr:)

p/s: Man Utd won 3-0 to Chelsea..Hip Hip Hooray!

( went to visit an HIGH CLASS old folks home last Thursday. The place is called The Healthlands Village. Why i say it's high class, they are paying 100 pounds PER DAY to stay there. Cut the long story short, i met a very old lady, very frail and small size, sitting quietly on a couch in her room. And her name is Minnie! I went inside and started chatting. Half way thru, she asked me whether i support any football club. So i said, erm, not really. And she asked 'Why?' Then i asked her in return whether she supports any club? Without any hesitation, she said 'Man Utd..and started singing a song she composed for the club itself. 'Man Utd is the champion..hip hip hip hooray..with such a frail voice in sweet tune, i could see her great passion for Man Utd.. )

so, moral of the story: to my dear RED Angels out there..keep up your fire for the club!

wasSup Doc: Sorry bout my promise to post up bout my Belgium trip..will be there ASAP:) or maybe after my exams on the 19th. Wish me luck:)

just some sneaked shots:

Belgium trip will be staring:

Legend bout Manneken Piseveryday MUST EAT- Belgium waffle

Breath-taking Scenery
and so much more DRAMA that occured pre and post Belgium trip:)

wait for patient kay.

Love you..XxX


khairul said...

good luck for the exam auntie... very kiasu ni... hw's kee fong holding uo.. i should give hi a call rite... lol...

see... u should really start supporting united.. and watch a few games.. then u can live long like minnie.. i bet her main drive is united!!!! hahahaha

Ang3 said...

>khairul: thankies MUSang for the wishes:)and i bet u will live very very long too since ur life is all about united only! I AM supporting unted kan? :P

iVan Chong said...

awww, faster post it Angelene :D

Ang3 said...

>ivan: okayyyy..will do it when i'm FREE..hehe..:)

denise said...


you got thru so much ady, He will get you thru this too! =))

JaCeLyN said...

I realise now why you suka take pictures esp when preparing for test/exams.... camera helps de-stress stress ppl... I too ss take pics....very fun leh... hahaha...not only de-stress, somehow got more semangat to study after being crazy... hehe
anyways. must take real GOOOOOD care of yourself k... eat proper food k =) and all the best for your upcoming exam!haha

Ang3 said...

>Denise: Thankies dear..Yup, He has brought us through so much, He will finish His work till the end, right:) Hang in there too kay...

>Jacelyn: Totally agree..the SS moments to de-stress.hehe....high-5! Another similarity found...yup, will take care of myself n u too kay..take care!:)

iVan Chong said...

don't 4get to link me too :P
God bless u :D

G-Wong said...


Here's my first post on your blog since I arrived in Happening-laide. No, it's no longer aDEADlaide as we knew it... Haha

Don't know if your exam will be over by the time I post but all the best anyway!

Ang3 said...

>Geoffrey: thanks geoff for your wishes:) UPDATE me about ur happening-LAIDE kay...hehe..