Thursday, March 13, 2008

Orientation is back:)

Group 4-Katana!

Troy!!! Our very beloved batch mate who sacrificed to be a floweR! Thanks Troy:):)
THe champion of Prince of the Wild- SWAN:)

Prince of the Wild- Chicken! Medical students are getting crazy^_^
my Group's prince of the wild- Peacock(Sandip) and his partner(Roshnee)

Lunch break in the midst of treasure hunt:)

Elaine & Crz- the angelic devilSsss
Lilian(Sem3), Angie(Sem5), Denise(Sem5), Pei Wen(Sem3)....but why us, the sem5 kena bullied?!?hehe.Meow..
we're the macho ones:)
Cleaners on a fight!(guess who is it with the blue tong?)'s Pei !!:)

My dear juniors kena ragged by the seniors....poor thing:(:(tsk tsk tsk..hehe
the gungho sem5 OOs!

Finally, their 3 weeks of orientation is over.
Got to know a few juniors and made some new friends:)
my Sem 5 started with musculoskeletal system and it's freaking hard!
Why we have so many muscles and bones and joints and ligaments and tendons and blood vessels and nerves and bla bla bla..why are we so complicated? Why?

God knows:) and i'm loving it!
Angie, Aja!!

Kimmie(the British), Angie(the Malaysian), Shannie(the American)

p/s: Happie 21st birthday to Shann in US and Kimmie in UK:)

love u both lots:)
May the coming 365 days be filled with lots of joy and blessings:D

wasSup Doc: my days in IMU is gonna come to an end. It's a journey with ups and downs.
I'll definitely miss this memorable journey..


*jeSSicA* said...

now u know why i always complain to u last year....about the muscles and stuff - upper limbs and lower limbs...memorize like crazy lol~ never know that there's like more than 20 muscles in our hands, forearm bla bla bla...

anyway, angelene jia you~! u ARE our chung hwa schoolmates-batch medical students' senior...hahaha

Ang3 said...

>Jessica: yea my dear, now i understand why u said so...haih! i'll jia you jia you but wat to do with the senior thingy?!Gonna be the same batch as u guys once i finish my sem 5..wasted!Wahahahha...Jiayou to u too ya!

Ang3 said...
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Laine said...

my dearest buddy!
my name has 2 Es. hehe. its ee laine!
but thanks for putting my face in ur blog, i feel soooooooo honoured ;)

Ang3 said...

>EE Laine: Ooopsie...sorry for the wrong spelling:) i'll remember that from now on..EE LAINE!! Proud to put your pretty face on my blog:)

Chien said...

hey looks fun =)
btw, that looked that chunghwa car park

Ang3 said...

>Chien: Yuppie, Orientation is the FUN-NEST time in IMU:)hehe...coz after that it's all about study d..hahahahh.