Thursday, February 28, 2008


my PENANG + IPOH makan trip:)
Tour Guide: Wan Jen Lye
Makan-erS: Geoff, Denise, Hwei Wan, Crz, Yee Pei, Xandra, Angie and Mustaqim who came by bus in the middle of the night!(Awarded most SPONTANEOUS tourist:P)
aH Pei, amazed by the Penang bridge:P Mustaq who arrived Penang by bus at 1am. He just told us he's gonna join us that afternoon, and *poof* he came...random-ness. Hope you had a great time with us b4 u leave to Canada:)
Fried oyster and the FAMOUS Char Kuey Teow(RM6!!!) at Lorong Selamat, but it's worth it:)
Denise, makan-ing the HUGE prawn..her FAVOURITE:) Ipoh well-known tauge, chicken and hor fun See aH Pei's expression....isn't she cute:)Muah!
the BeST Cendol in Penang..dun DUN be cheated by the other stall just opposite it...b smart guys!
Food FoOD Food..(clockwise):ABC, Cendol, CRABs, dim SUM:)yUmmy! Penang is a FOOD paradise:)

Geoff with his 'g'!

Temple Kek Lok Si!!

Batu Feringgi

Pwetty faces @ Batu Feringgi seaside:)

Hwei Wan and Crz...i like this pic very muchie:) they are so photogenic:)

Oh, Denise and me paired up to do para sailing..Woohoo, i wanna do it again! The scenery up there was uber beautiful!!


Get set..


Woohoo..we're up on the sky...

fRiends Foreva*_*
Denise playing with bubbles @ Gurney..sorry for the blur image of bubbles formed:(

we LOVE to take pictures:)

Hwei Wan, dun la EMO:)...Awww, she is so pwetty!!

We took feri instead of using the bridge. Being KL jakuns, we walked around the deck and took pictures^_^

though the food we ate mostly were OILY, high in cholesterol, fattening, low in vitamins and fibers but we never forget to eat fruits to prevent constipation..Hahahhah!! We're very health conscious peeps after all..

from left: Angie, Denise, Xan, Jen Lye,Geoff, Hwei Wan, Pei, Crz

wasSup doc: For the past 2 years, these are the people who cherish me most in IMU. Thank you ALL for the friendship. It's great to have you all around. I'll always treasure it and keep it in my heart:)

Love you guys lots!

Sharer of anxieties,
Sharer of silly jokes,
Sharer of excitements,
Thank you my friends for sharing your lives with mine:)


h u a n g said...

i did parasailing in bangkok b4. it was super nice kan. hehe.

Ang3 said...

>Huang: YEPppppp!!It's super nice!How are u in Queensland my dear?

Wannie said...

You guys need your eyesight check!! shall i recommend to you any eye specialist? aiyor... i blushing d lor...

Wannie said...

oh.. i want the pics!!! will get from you when uni starts ya!!! sigh.. i think the penang trip like too short d... hehehehee... see you on Monday mummy angie!!

crz said...

i heart you too angie!!!

Jens said...


wannie don't shy shy ler.. why u don't want to parasailing with me? i emo then u noe...

btw i too sked to emo with wannie also.. =P

and ange, i want the pics!!! ehehe.. see ya mon k? after eos 5 another round cari cari beaches.. lang tengah la!

c ya!

Ang3 said...

>Wannie: Aiyo, dun need shy shy's the truth:) yup, will pass u guys the pic on mon..

>Crz: I heart all of u too!!

>Jens:hopefully we still can go after EOS 5 la..haih, seems so far away..:P

Sarah said...

Thanks for sharing your life with us, Angelene! You look like you're having a great time, making good memories =)