Monday, February 11, 2008


Flew back KB last Friday for 3 days and now i'm in Seremban celebrating CNY with my family. We had a reunion dinner with only 4 of us. Relatives all weren't around and my dearest sis and bro are far away from home. Seems my parents will suffer empty nest syndrome when i leave real soon:( It's the very first time we all woke up in the morning with pyjamas and received ang pows from my parents.. Anyway, had a good time with them during this CNY:) We EAT, we SLEEP, we SHOP and we GROW FAT!:P

Yee Sang and Shark Fin...The MUST 2 eat food during CNY:)
Adele and Gary, do u all have these?!(I bet u both turning green monsters by now)

Fish cakes and Coconut Lychee dessert:)

Daddy and Mommy

the Loeftovers...hehe. Bro and me^_^

On the 2nd day of New Year, we went to visit our dear grandma(my mom's mommy) in Tampin( a place near Seremban). She is the one who brought all my siblings up...She woke us up every morning, prepared us meals, washed our clothes and looked after us when we were sick. And now finally we all have grown up:)

3 Generations. Mommy*Granny*Angi3

my Aunt and uncle..They are the nicest peeps on earth! Aunt purposely cooked big prawns and pig trotters to welcome us home.
Reunion lunch @ Tampin. Yummy..It's like 10years ady we never eat together in a round table:)
Grandma's grandsons and grandaughters:)

This might be the LAST chinese new year celebration for me b4 i leave to oversea...Grandma misses us ALOT since we moved to KL to study and work...i must Thank God for her presence throughout my life..

May this year be a year filled with lots of blessings and love....

i HEART hampers:)! This hamper is humongous! It's the size of me sitting down..huh!

wasSup Doc: Chinese New Year is the BEST because you can get Ang Pows and meet your long lost relatives...Muahhaha! May you all have a properous year ahead. For M106, this will be our final semester, let's finish it with great joy and happiness!! See ya all in Mac!


Jens said...

oh wow... not only u fat la...

everybody is fat... ahaha... cookies and of course ba qua...

happy cny! see ya soon...=)

*jeSSicA* said...

gong xi fa cai!

after u go overseas...and after a few years...i think i'll expect ang pow from u dy =P

miss ya..

Ang3 said...

Angelene> Jens: Happy CNY to you too...CNY is definitely a fat season:P:P

Angelene> Jessica: GONG HEI FATT CHOI:) not so fast, nobody wans me u dun expect too much darling! mayb i'll get from u 1st..muahhha