Monday, January 07, 2008

he left me:(

Gary, my so called twin brother has left to Iowa, US!!
and me, as the dear sister of his didn't go and send him off because of the selective exam,
his flight was at 630am last Sunday!
haih, now i regret never go see dear bro is my best comforter.
He doesn't have to say a word, just a hug from him is more than enough.
i could still remember when i was so stress up during my EOS 3 last year.
i called him to come all the way from Nilai to be my SP for OSCE.
And so he came over the weekend b4 the exam.
Being a stressful bum as i always do, i didn't practise OSCE at all.
But i'm glad he came. His presence made a difference.
On Sunday morning, 1 day b4 my paper, i woke up crying hysterically,
Just too stressful over the he came to my room and hug me.
He didnt say anything.
Just give me a big hug and keep patting my head.
Like telling me:"It'll be fine je..."
oh how am i gonna survive EOS 5 this coming July when my dear bro is not around
not around to be my SP
not around to hug me
not around to comfort me
and not around to say:"Je, it'll be okay..."
i'll definitely miss his presence...Haih!
wasSup Doc: Gary boy, 2je wanna hug u now:(:(


shaz said...

this post made me tear laaaa :'((((
your bro is so sweet!!!

adelynne said...

My gary is so handsome! hah=)

Ang3 said...

>Shaz: YEAP!He's the sweetest bro ever:)

>adelynne: Totally agree:)He's so handsome..Muah!

Jens said...


u noe rite.. i as an elder bro don't even hug my sis... haih.. all i do is just...

'eh.. don't screw up the paper... all the best...'

now u make me feel like i'm kinda useless bro... besides all the gossiping with my sis before going to bed, i don't ever recall that i'm like ur bro at all...

ahaha... sigh...

Ang3 said...

>jens: chill lar..dun so emo:)i think ur sis sure know u're a good bro too...haha:)mayb u suddenly go and hug her one day..she will definitely SMILE=)!

Jens said...


别哭了吧! 我自己是一个哥哥,我明白你的”眼泪”..

cheers ya!

*jeSSicA* said... sweet!!!

Anonymous said...

Wat is SP ms angelene?
can u address us properly?

Ang3 said...

>anonymous: SP means 'simulated patient'. It's like outsiders are trained to be patients with some diseases.*SP=actors and actresses*. We're supposed to do physical examination on them and look for the abnormalities:) hahah..