Monday, January 14, 2008


As some might have known, the reason of me being so emo is bacause....


and it's now's crooked and kinda stuck.
but i stil thank God because the lens didnt 'pecah'
if not it'll cost me a bomb!

Argh, no more SS sessions with my dear friends
no more capturing the most candid shots
no more PICTURES in my blog
Angelene!!How can you be so NOT careful...SigH!
anyway, i'll get it fix ASAP
Just cant live without my camera!

oh, found an interesting camera and it's called LOMO!
it's kinda like the olden days camera where you have to manually turn turn turn de button b4 taking your shot. BUT the most exciting part of this modern days camera comes with other function which brings different effects to the picture taken...rather than having the boring normal pics.
LOMO can beautify the pics:)

The FISHeye LOMO camera and the effect of the pic is as follow..

colorSPLASH model with the effects of Splashing the color of coz...aWwwww

There are whole lot more of other models... i'm sure u'll LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT once u see it..woohoo..i'm definitely getting one b4 i die..Hahhahha! Just dat i need to find more info about it esp where in Malaysia they sell, hope that it is not very expensive.. DO leave me a comment if U know...Anyway, it's just another pleasure,not a need.:)

wasSup Doc: Pictures are the only mean of remembering what has happened in the past. Just imagine after 10 years and you look back at all the pictures, you'll smile....recalling the sweet memories:)


Anonymous said...

hv 2 use film 1

Anonymous said...

hv 2 use film 1

Ang3 said...

>anonymous: hmm,RM300+...but my fren said some models will be cheaper..have to find out more..but anyway, THANKS ALOT for the info:)