Saturday, July 21, 2007

Her BIG Day

The reason i come to Newcastle...

My sis graduated with LLB Hons. today

It has been a tiring duty today???

a photographer, a makeup artist and a personal assistant. In short-a chaperone

BUT it's a joyous day for her, for me and the TEO's family.

Let the pictureS do the talking k....

Sis, u look so pWetty..Well Done gal, u did a great job!!!!

-Graduation aftermath-

wasSup Doc : Let him praise the bridge that carries him over- English Proverb


*jeSSicA* said...

wow!! so fast graduate already!!!! congrats adelene!

next will be u, aNGelene =)

those pictures so pretty la! i really love to see nice pics...(well u can start to perasan that i say u pretty!) =P

casper said...

i like last 3rd pic!