Saturday, July 14, 2007

God is good, ALL the time:)

Yipee....EOS 3 is officially OVER ...i repeat OVER OVER OVER!!

Now, we can enjoy our 1 month+++ holidays to the MAXIMUM!!!Yayyi..

-Thank God for His grace so free

-Thank God for the friends who support me through

-Thank God for reminding me how much He loves me

-Thank God for His promise that He'll help me

-Thank God for answering my prayer and gave me more than i asked

-Thank God for being so faithful

-Thank God for choosing me as Your child

-Thank God for EVERY SINGLE THING You have blessed me with IN MY LIFE!

wasSup Doc : Life will be difFerent WITHOUT You there carrying me through, holding me close in Your arms.....Sorry for being a child of little faith..I'll learn..

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