Sunday, September 19, 2010

simple things to give thanks for:)

I life getting more stressful each day, i'm always reminded by the the small little things/people God has placed in my life, to be thankful and contented! These just put a smile on my face! Just want to share some small little incident that makes me smile recently:Dbefore summer starts, a friend of mine gave me this little pot of sunflower, so that I will smile every morning I wake up despite knowing everybody is back home in Malaysia and I'm home alone. It did work. And just this morning, as I walked into the post office, I'm thankful to see there were some bouquets of sunflowers on sale in the shop...*grins* it's such beautiful scene isn't? for me
when friends went all out to do this batman pose for me no matter where they are:) Thanks Jason!
Just a few days after I got back from Paris, i received a HUGE parcel from a dear friend:) it's a SURPRISE!! And i really love it! NICE wrapping indeed!it's a 3 layered transparent containers and each layer has some message on it! Which means so much to me! Thankies buddy for being so thoughtful!
and in the last layer of the container, there was a small note i gave him 3 years ago during a Christmas celebration in uni, it meant smth to him. But am just amazed that he still kept a small note like this which made a me now as well..and to know that perfect love drives out fear is AWESOME^_^chinese Junk! yes, i must say am super happy to see these all when Lily laid them on our kitchen table! Ly IS a STAR to bring all these back to Manchester for me! YesS, seeing these alone makes me smile! Mooncake! Bakgua! Greentea biscuits! THANK YOU Mummy n Daddy too, for going all out to get all I want..hehe..And i'm sure God knows I'm pretty lonely in the white house last week since I was home alone for the whole week! But this week situation turned better, one of my group mates decided to stay in as well for the week. She is in my batch but quite senior in age coz she took a gap year off and completed a master in public health. Quite surprisingly, we could click quite well. After work, we would hv dinner together and chit-chatted a bit. One day, she just hopped into my room and she started teaching me some medical mnemonics..random, but it's just a kind soul God put to make me feel alive in the midst of stress:)
Just half and hour ago, Lily and myself were supposed to make potato mashed patties for family reunion tomorrow in church. We tried for quite long but the patties just dun stucked together! And we're so frustrated and on the edge of giving up. I was really NOT HAPPY. Our patties were literally CMI (cannot make it!). BUT God sent us an angel, just at the right time!
STEPHANIE!! initially, she just stopped by to pass us smth and ended up being our chef and taught us 'how to make nice potatoes patties'..SERIOUSLY, i was so excited and dancing with joy when I see the patties stucked together into nice shape as she strted frying them..
and patties are all ready to be served tomorrow:) THANKS to my God sent Angel

not to forget Aunt Winnie(Ly's mum)!!SURPRISE!! She is one funny mum:) TQ for the lovely batik pj! I really like it and yes, funny why Lily dun 'suka' right! It's so comfy to sleep with :) She knew i like to wear batik dress as my pj. And she made Lily bring this back for me...touched indeed and her love and care is really overwhelming...looking forward to meet you soon, aunt!!!!

God is funny...when He is teaching you something, He will pin it down in your brain! Today's devotion says...'I have learned to be content whatever the circumstance- Philippians 4:11'

waSsup Doc: God is writing a love note to me through these simple things/people, and that makes me C:

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