Friday, September 03, 2010

GP rotation in Northwich!

woohoo...hello from Northwich, that's where i'm at the moment for my 4 weeks GP rotation! It's 2 hours train and bus ride away from the central Manchester. Am currently staying with 2 other white gurls in this small little house, aged 103 YEARS old! Not too bad, I have got the biggest room, so no complaint:) Thank God i arrived the earliest, if not, i will have to squeeze into either 2 other small little rooms. No internet, no TV here good, no distractions for me as i really need to study! I'm now in one of the nurses' room in the surgery..they have finished their work, so i am allowed to use their computers for a while before they shut the clinic at 630pm...hehe..Mommy, just to show u some pics of the place i am at currently!
this is Northwich!
they hav a small town with different local shops selling all sorts

and spotted this bakery! But it was already close when i passed by, if not, me the bread lover will go in and 'sapu' some nice bread!and a HUGE Lydl is just within 15 mins walk from my house..yay! No problem finding food loo!simple balanced meal that i can prepare to feed myself!and THIS is the WHITE house i'm staying!
very narrow stairs leading to my roomTadaaa..
another view of my room:)
my corner with junk food! (Thanks to Lily who has imported so much yummy Chinese junk from Malaysia)
and i love sitting nexy to this windown and admire the breathtaking scenery:)my lovely view from the window:)
our common bathroom and toilet!and finally, our lovely kitchen!
every morning, we will have to take a 15 mins walk from our house to the surgery we're attached to. Walking pass this beautiful green pastures with nice weather just lift my spirit up and get motivated to start off my new day with a big smile!
This is where the surgery is:) With 11 partners working here, 15+ nurses to cover 23,000 patients! It's considered quite a huge one. I'm enjoying myself so far, esp the practice manager is very keen to organise teaching sessions for us and has scheduled different timetables for all of us individually, which is a good sign to kick off my fifth year!

yipee yay! Tired tired tired..
got to walk back home now before i'm locked in the surgery.

wasSup Doc: The first choice is to choose a grateful attitude. It will widen the road you are on and bring a perspective that will lighten your step


Vai Ket said...

Apa ni! your GP is so nice. @.@

lil' miss sunshine said...

the new place and town seem lovely. hope u enjoy ur stay there! the weather is turning a little chilly, do keep urself warm, alrite dear? xx