Monday, May 24, 2010


RAK stands for random act of Kindness:) The theme for this week :)

As children of God, we are called to show love, kindness to everybody including our enemies. Jasper wrote me a reminder on his blog, sending an sms to a friend to ask 'how are you doing?', street feeding with biscuits...indeed encouraged me..encouraging a soul a day, in 365 days, 365 souls will be encouraged :) there are definitely SO MUCH more you can do for the Lord....a smile is smth small, but it does lift someone's heart up isn't??? Thanks for the inspiring sharing though...In Him we serve, we love and we share!

Let me know if you, my dearest readers have any random act of kindness to show love to this fallen world

Ly and myself, visited the students in Library and sent them lurve:)!the stressful period for students!

coffee, panadol, red a student keep alert:P

and even my haircut is for a good cause too! Btw, I didnt cut that short afterall..though i wished i have the courage, and it's boiling in UK now..! so i tot would hear some comment on my pseudo-short hair..but oh bout this haircut. A church member cut it for me, her name is Linda. She is from China, living in UK for 20+ years. She has her own 'salon' at home, well equipped with comfy salon typed chair, bought all the way from China! On weekdays, she works as a banker in town council, and weekends, she works as a hairdresser! All the money she collected goes to church building fund. Nothing goes into her pocket. What a great service from her to God! So yup, my haircut does contribute to church building fund:)

btw,i am not here to boast how good i am. I am just a child of a God who loves..So, i just want to encourage all of you, kind hearted souls out there to bestow LOVE to the people around u. Your presence make a difference C:


it was quite a 'happening' weekend in church:)

Social Night-Guess Who? I dressed up as Paddington Bear, Zoey(best dressed) wore traditional Mongolian costume and Joshua, Ronaldo, the soccer player:) Had great fun with inspirational sharing from Aunt Aihwa n John regarding their journey to Israel:)
and Sunday was Pentecoast Sunday, and 3 of our brothers were baptised! Congrats to Joel, Tim and Edwin. So we, the student fellowship decided to suit up for this special occasion and thus the formal wear:P Despite the hot weather we had to endure...boiling! I even showered in cold water...i really need ice-cream lor..but SUMMER..DIET!!
Angie lurve sunflowers:) Summer is!

as for this week...let's do smth for somebody:) Just one simple deed makes a difference!
rmb, RAK!!

sorry Ciku Maliku for the delay, dun angry larr~.. the parcel was...a packet of limited edition sakura GREENTEA KITKAT!! All the way from Japan!!! I was crazy over this past few months and MingRong studying in Japan randomly sent me this! I was in total shocked to see an envelope with Japanese words lying in my postbox! A BIG THANK YOU for your RAK:)

GOSH...i cant believe this, it's right infront of my eyes now..*matcha kitkat..when am i gonna eat u..munch!*

wasSup Doc:

A Christian who is willing to do little things for others can do great things for the Lord.


*jeSSicA* said...

munch munch munch! i love ur black ribbon on the blouse!

eh leng lui so u didn't cut that short after all, i thought u cut it to how u were like in secondary school.

green tea ice cream waiting for me, angelene =P

pinky said...

hahaa, hair cut eh, maybe i can cut peoples hair n charge them n donate the money. i wud havv hundra=ead og pounds by now!

Ang3 said...

>Jess: argh..i wan green tea ice cream toO!!! Mana boleh macam ini...!

>Pinky: Yea, mayb u shud start a ministry in Aberdeen:P (Kev's salon)

jasperseng said...

Angelene, encouraging a soul a day, in 365 days, 366 souls will be encouraged not 365... because that include you... haha... is a positive feedback.

and... the bible verse under there... is where ah ? haha... i looking for it long long liao...

Ang3 said...

Ooops, indeed, i will be encouraged as well:)

talking bout bible verse..which verse u're referring to? Did i said anything bout bible verses??

jasperseng said...

about this...A Christian who is willing to do little things for others can do great things for the Lord. ... is it a bible verse or what is it ?

Ang3 said...

Hah, it's not a bible verse. It's just a phrase taken from the daily devotion 'Our Daily Bread'...:)

jasperseng said...

ah.... good... it save my day haha...

sarah yoon ai said...


Ang3 said...

> Sarah: BIG HUGSssSS back:)