Wednesday, May 19, 2010

BOMBs from God:)

Put up hands for those who doesn't like SURPRISES...I see no hands! Of cause..i doubt there is anybody on this earth who doesn't :p! These few days I've been blessed with surprises after surprises...big ones, small ones..stil it's a joy ey...:)

Just last Sat, we had a dinner at Pastor Kim's house for a short SF meeting..and guess what he cooked for us..ROASTED BEEF AND CHICKEN with Yorkshire pudding and Apple crumble! See the array of food on the dining table...blessed indeed! Superbly yum, fine dining style..with chinese chilli..Lol!

Nicola baked some cupcakes for us, students who are now in EXAMS stresS..Lol! I'm donw with progress test..but still stucked with 11 weeks of project options! Aiks....The torturing part of a medical student!

Started my audit, data collection last week and gonna be like this for the next couple of weeks! It's such a stress to go through patients' medical notes because DOCTORs' handwriting are just...CMI(cannot make it)! Lol...and the above shows my abandoned table along the corridor for me to work..the stack of notes, my lunch! (there was once a nurse passed by me and saw me opening up my tupperware with sandwich and salad and fruits and cup of tea..then she commented: u're having a party ey cheekily.. and i replied: yea..all by myself!stacks after stacks!! Ahhhh...when will I finish!

Oh wells, God has blessed me with a good supervisor, i've no complaint! Shall persevere on.

Ly and I went on a food adventure last Sun! Just to reward ourselves before exams and the exchange rate is RM 4.8 to 1 pound now..CRAZiLY LOW! Muakakkakakak..oh wells, that aside, we went TRY THAI! Yup, fulfilled our Thai food cravings with a resonable price of 3 courses!

Starter: Spicy thai salad with beef! *they were very generous with the beef, and the spicy sauce was nyum!*and ALL time favourite..PadThai! *almost after every mouthful, we complimented the goodness and authenticness of this dish...too good to be true*
and the happy us:) Whole luncheon ended with a cuppa coffee..*purrfectoO*!and my eggie bat mobile..vroom vroom! Lol, new bento toy from XiaoFen..all the way from Penang! Thanks gurl~and FINALLY, the BOMB of the week...! Received this in my postbox today-GRIN! *will reveal what it's inside in my next post* stay tune~ Look out for clues from the pic! Lol..

allrighty, that's update from Angie the Mangie

see you all soOoon!

Had a good chat with my Gygy toO:) Despite the distance, this lil boy in US never fail to cheer the stress sis up:) Lurve u loads brothaa..

wasSup Doc:

I am so loved, because my heavenly Father has lavished me with DAILY Surprises C:


jasperseng said...

that is bento box agian.... haha....
ur file seems so tall haha... need help ?

*jeSSicA* said...

I KNOW WHAT IS THAT!!!! WAHAHAHAHA *grins* finally u received it wheeeee =D

Ang3 said...

>Jasper: YES< i would love help...but me being the efficient one..FINISHED them dy...phew..but more stacks to come next week:(

>Jess: Have u got yours?!?!
gosh, i couldn't believe it man...for months am crazy over it and now it's right infront of my eyes!

*jeSSicA* said...

haha no, will get it next month hopefully =P i knew it earlier coz that person told me, so i/we were waiting for u to 'announce' its arrival only =P

Ang3 said...

>Jess: which means i can announce it GRAND arrival...Lol! I will do it..soon! CANT BELIEVE's right infront of my eyes now...!!!

jasperseng said...

hmm.... I would love to help... but God is helping d... so i no need to help la ... haha... visit my blog if u free... have a post for you...

Ciku_girl said...

you promised to reveal wats in the parcel in ur next post HMMMmmmmm *sulks*