Sunday, February 05, 2017

CNY celebrations continue...

Time really flies, a week gone and CNY celebration is half way there.

Highlight of this week, CHANGED OVER!
Yes, I am not registrar to the general medicine team.
Worked along with Dr C and Dr Mc at present.
So far, so good.

Even had to drive Dr C back to Lancaster on my first day of work in Kendal.
That was a complete challenge!
Thank goodness, we arrived safely and my little car DID NOT stop in the middle of the road...Phew!

Another highlight was THIS!

Yups, met up with Cher Chyi in Manchester.
We didn't see each other for... 13 years since graduating from high school!

Really amazing how we could talk and laughed over life.
Spent 3 hours talking and just updating each other about respective lives.
Really appreciate how she trusted me fully and speak so honestly.
Twas was an amazing catch up.
Looked forward to another reunion when SQ send her back here AGAIN!

and then the feast continue..

Thanks to Sai and Joyce for putting up such yummy dinner for me.
Newton Close minions :)

Look at these...
Even yeesang was there.

** I ate 2 bowls to rice..... not shy**

I am blessed with good friends.

WasSup Doc: Enjoy the little things in life, as when you look back later, you will realise they are BIG THINGS.
Live to fullest~! 💗


*jeSSicA* said...

if u are not gen med reg then wat are u doing now? that brown rice or nasi dagang, hahaha

Ang3 said...

I was the reg for acute stroke team and cover rehab ward and TIA clinics.

Now changed over to cover general elderly care and community hospital. Part of my training curriculum.

That's just brown grain rice. Not nasi dagang luh..