Tuesday, January 17, 2017

TOP of the mountain

Feeling extremely GREAT today because I have achieved something that never happened to me for the SO MANY Lumbar Puncture performed since CMT 1!

When the lady from the lab called me....
I kinda like..SSHOCKED in disbelief!
Wow..... CHAMPAGNE Tap this!
Literally want to fly. Hahaha
HAPPY daoo...

Anyway, been a real busy day today with TIA patients in clinic. But Dr Kumar been a great help.
We cleared them up quick, did a ward round in CCU and then off I went to do this LP.

Then the nightmare news of x2 of my SHOs called in sick!😭 Which means, I will be the FY1, SHO, Registrar and maybe some senior input elsewhere. 1 man show this! Terrible...for the whole ward.

Worse thing that could happen on a Monday morning. No wonder today is labelled as Black Monday. but thank God, I survived. Things were done accordingly and no patients were compromised. We managed.
When you start off the day right, surrendering everything into His mighty hands. Things will turn out FINE. Today is a great day. ** I was a bit stress about doing the LP initially. But hey ho, managed it with my first attempt anyway. GREAT!

wasSup Doc: Everyday is a new day that the Lord has made, we shall rejoice in it! Thank You Lord :)

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