Monday, September 03, 2007

A Baci a day, Brighten your day

:: Of Chocolate & Romance ::

Dammi tanti baci, Italian for "give me many kisses". This chocolate was once Italy's own and exclusive Perugina's production and can only be purchased in Italy. I came to know Baci when i read in a novel which the writer always buys one packet of it when she travels to Italy. So i waited in anticapation for my chance to taste it! I was so lucky on the day when i came back from Newcastle, i spotted it in one of the chocs shop and without hesitation i bought a box of it! and trust me it tastes sooo Yummy....

What is Baci? The word “baci” (pronounced BAH-chee) is Italian meaning “kisses”. Baci chocolates don’t just taste different, they also don’t look even slightly similar. First of all, Baci are more than just a dollop of chocolate covered in metallic wrappings. No, Baci are much more complex than this, considered by Italians as the chocolates of love, we all know that there’s nothing simple about love, don’t we? So why would a chocolate called “kisses” be a simple blob, right?

Baci chocolates contain at their pinnacle, a whole, roasted hazelnut. This nut nestles itself on top of a small mound of smooth, whipped chocolate filling which is neither mushy nor stiff, and contains tiny pieces of chopped hazelnuts inside. This filling is not too sweet as many fillings of this kind can be, but rather seems nicely to combine with the nutty flavour of its crunchy companion. Hugging these two things together is a lovingly draped blanket of dark chocolate. This slightly toothy dark chocolate covering is the exact midway point in texture between the whipped filling and the hard nuts. All in all, a three way treat - crunchy, creamy and slightly chewy in texture with the three great tastes of roasted hazelnut, dark chocolate and whipped milky chocolate filling.
and NO, it doesn't taste like Fererro Rocher:P

The surprise inside<3 Inside the foil you’ll not only find these scrumptious morsels but you’ll also find a slip of paper with some kind of message. No, its not a fortune, it’s a love note, or rather a quote that talks about love. This poetic love note in four languages(Italian, French, Spanish and English) describes the course of love—a true gesture of romance. Reading these notes has always been part of my attraction to this sweet lil chocolate.*Crz, i'm sure u gonna like this very very much!!!*
So till now, Baci remains the best chocolate i've ever tried. The fancy silver foil wrapper with blue stars, romantic love notes and smooth chocolate with roasted nut is a total experience of eating quality chocs! So if you ever go travelling, don't forget to grab a box of it in ANY international airports/ at Italy (yes John See, in Italy!!). I'm sure u guys gonna LOVE LOVE LOVE it!! And of course bringing back a baci for Angie will assure you of getting a kiss from her in return :) *hint hint*

wasSup Doc : Italian KISSES are better than the French..:]


Anonymous said...

i will buy baci if i go 2 italy!

simply_BLACK said...

aww... how could you compare italian chocolate with Fererro Rocher? totally different class-lah

anyway, i heard that Switzerland chocolate is good too.


Ang3 said...

>Anonymous: U dun hav to go ITALY to get it now..Just ANY international airports will do:)

>Simply_Black: Fererro Rocher was the highest class chocs ma..but now,Nana..Baci Rules loo:):)

Anonymous said...

>ang3 :if buy in ITALY the feel when u eat will totally different, if u juz simply buy at any international meaning at all!

*jeSSicA* said... and kisses? chocolate? angelene are u hinting *erhem erhem* =P