Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Do re Mi!

Now i kno, doing VISA is not an easy job...NOT at all!
I was assigned a task before i come back KL, i.e submit my sis' visa forms since she is in Kelantan n cant do it herself. Without any hesitation, i took up the job and promised to complete it on time. BUT i didnt know something bad lies behind this...haih!

Monday morning
-7am, i took a train to KLCC, not for shopping of's the nearest station to Wisma MCA which is the place to do visa for my sis!
Arrived there 830am(p/s:the place open at 8am), so i tot i am quite early d BUT no!!i was wrong.i got number 59, and that time they're just serving number 9. 50 more to go till my turn.
After 3 long hours of waiting. Finally it's my turn to submit my form. When i told them i'm helping my sis to do it, the officer told me "sorry, we cant process it. we need her to do the biometrics!" So now wat? i cant do her visa and i wasted 3 hours and i got nothing! NVM, i dreaded my feet and went back, depressed!

now how?My sis is in kelantan and she has bought her ticket back on the 1st of Sept. In the same time, she needs her Visa b4 she goes back on the 6th of Sept. HOW HOW HOW???

Tuesday morning
-i thought i was smarter this time. i followed my bro there and arrived there at 8am. Once i stepped out from the lift, i saw a long queue outside the office d..WAT!it's just 8am and i got number 74! WHY ar these people have to do VISA so last minute!*Angie, u're doing the same thing lar*
but i tot 74 wud be fine coz i need to take a train to Subang to collect my sis' certificate first, and because she was taking a 840am flight and she needed some time to come to the office..BUT i was totally wrong, when she arrived at 12pm, the number was stucked at number 33 only!coz they were still serving those who got a number yesterday and didnt manage to submit their forms!! And so we ended up handling over everything at 340pm!Can u imagine that! I came at 8am(the second the door was open) and i only can submit my forms at 340pm!! Wat bout those who came 9am or 10am...they have to come the second day again! Gosh, y cant they set up more counters since they know it's the peak season students applying for VISAs...Haih!

After that, we walked to KLCC and had our lunch at Genki Sushi, our Favourite!!
Then we went Cold Storage and bought some junk...Denise!!U must try this, Choco BANANA POCKY!! It's super duper yummy n delicious although i kno u HATE banana but do give it a try, no harm right??

Later that evening we watched 'Secret' starring JAY CHOU!! I must MUST MusT say it's a very nice+artistic+cute+unexpectedly good movie! Good job mr Jay. I'm so in love in playing piano now....Do re mi fa sO la ti dO!

SeCret - i Like!!
Since we princesses dont wanna take LRT back, i decided to call up our dear bro who is working nearby to join us for dinner! Yay, then he could fetch us back and makan with us...Killing 2 birds with one stone. Had our dinner at Madam Kwan's....recommended food there:ASAM LAKSA!!!

Nasi Bonjari, Asam Laksa and Otak-otak!!

My dear koko after working....thanks bro!!

wasSup doc: Do a deer, a female deer; Re a drop of golden Sun; Mi a name i call myself; Fa a long long long way to run; So a needle pulling thread; La a note to follow So; Ti a drink of jam and bread.....


denise said...

no harm?
No Harm??

Didnt you know Angie?
If i ever so smelt a banana from a distance, i would go into anaphylactic shock!
Just reading the word on ur blog just now made my head spin *dizzy*

dont EVER scare me like that again young lady!

Hee =P said...

hey babe, u were supposed to take lrt to ampang park, the station is juz rite opposite wisma MCA. and did i tell u tat visa applicants need 2 do biometrics? i think i did...poor babe! now i realize how lucky was i to be waited for an hour only till my turn! ;p

crz said...

i likey banana... share wit me?? pweeeezeeee..... *makes cute cute face*

*jeSSicA* said...

how long have u not touched the piano my dear?! and 'so in love with piano' --> lol!

suddenly ter-remember the days when we played piano at my house!

Ang3 said...

>Denise: U wont kno if u dun try it my's just FOOD!and will still go into ur intestine n Poopoo out later...Hehe

>Kimmie:Yea, u were very lucky...pity me had to wait so long for it.Haih!!

>Crz: Of coz will share with u..wait i buy 1st k..WAIT!!

>Jess: I did play piano when i went back KB but not so good at it anymore. SAD SAD 10 yrs of piano lessons wasted! and YES i really missed the days u taught me how to preapare for my practical. Thanks dear!!

hlpe said...

i've had this before, i posted something bout it on my blog should try to choc almond pocky too!

Ang3 said...

>hlpe:Yea, i read your blog bout the almond choc Pocky from Singapore...I'm going to ask my friends staying in Singapore to hunt that for me..Hehe..thanks loo:):)*craving for Pocky*